Brush Busters Course Available

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This course is designed for the land owner and managers in mind. By going through and completing this course, participants will become familiar with managing invasive and encroaching brush species with the Individual Plant Treatment (IPT) herbicide application method. This course provides guidance in managing species such as Mesquite, Prickly Pear, Redberry and Blueberry Juniper, and more. How to obtain and maintain a TDA herbicide applicator’s license, how to correctly mix herbicides, cleaning equipment and proper disposal of containers after spraying, how to select the correct application method, and others are the man objectives of this course.

Along with these learning objectives, this course offers 3 CEU credits. 1 General Pesticide Factors, 1 General Equipment Characteristics, and 1 Laws and Regulations. In order to obtain these CEU credits, the participant must complete all modules, take a test to gauge knowledge gained, and fill out a course satisfaction survey.

To learn more, or to enroll in this course, go to AgriLife Learn and search for “Brush Busters” or follow the link:

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New Publication Available Now!

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The Prescribed Fire Communications Kit provides resources to aid in discussion and facilitate interactions between those who conduct prescribed fires and the local community. This toolkit was designed for the landowner, county agent, or local government in mind. The goals of this free resource is to provide stewards of the land with the information to educate others and advocate for the safety and benefits of prescribed burning.

This publication can be downloaded from the link below or on the AgriLife Learn website, just search for Prescribed Burning Communication Kit.


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Brush Busters in now ONLINE!

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Click here for a self-paced, online, take anywhere, CEU course on Brush Busters Rangeland Herbicide Applications!

This course is all inclusive covering equipment, nozzles, surfactants, sprayers, target species, resources, and much more!


Fighting Fire with Fire: Rx Fire Toolbox to Combat Identified Social Barriers

Interested in attending our online webinar on July 27, 2020 at 9:00 AM showcasing the research findings from Texas A&M University Dr. Urs Kreuter’s Joint Fire Science Program project:

“Fighting Wildfire with Prescribed Burning in the Southern Great Plains: Social and Regulatory Barriers and Facilitators” (funded by the Bureau of Land Management Joint Fire Science Program (Contract #L16AC00206))??

Please register HERE!

Range Concepts – Ground Broadcast Herbicide Applications UTV Boom Sprayers

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Check out this week’s new Range Concepts video!

Broadcast Herbicide Applications Handout

Range Concepts – Ecological Site Descriptions and State & Transition Models

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Check out this week’s Range Concepts video on Ecological Site Descriptions and State and Transition Models!

And, don’t forget the ESD STM Handout!

ERM-1466 “Chemical Weed and Brush Control Reference Guide for Rangeland”

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ERM-1466 “Chemical Weed and Brush Control Reference Guide has been updated to include MezaVue and other new herbicides!

Check it out here!

Range Concepts – Texas Ecosystem Analytical Mapper and Seed Mix Map

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This week’s Range Concepts dives into the Texas Ecosystem Analytical Mapper (TEAM) from Texas Parks and Wildlife.  TEAM is an easy-to-use FREE resource that includes soil mapping, plant community descriptions, threatened and endangered species, and much more!

The Seed Mix Map from Caesar Kleberg Wildlife Research Institute displays a FREE custom seed mix for an identified area defined by soil type within each ecoregion.

Both of these tools can be synergistically used together to build reseeding recommendations for disturbed rangelands, or for enhanced understanding of rangeland soils and plant communities!

Handout: Texas Ecosystem Analytical Mapper and Seed Mix Map

YouTube Tutorial Video:


Range Concepts – Plant Identification

Check out this week’s Range Concepts:



Range Concepts – Web Soil Survey

Check out our new YouTube Channel featuring videos and handouts dedicated to increasing County Extension Agent knowledge and enhancing landowner’s understanding of tools, resources, techniques, and strategies on rangelands!

Our latest post features application and utility of Web Soil Survey, an online free resource for understanding soil mapping and tools.  Nearly all farmers, ranchers, and forest landowners across the country rely on one common resource for production: their soil. If you’re interested in learning more about this medium that grows our nation’s food, fuel, and fiber, here is a advantageous tool to help!  Get the Web Soil Survey Handout here and watch the YouTube video here!