Exploring Texas 4-H Range Judging

Did you know that Texas 4-H has a Range Judging component? The AgriLife Extension Explore Handbook has everything you need to know and more on how to get involved in Texas 4-H Range Judging.


2023 TSSRM Youth Range Workshop

Click here to view the official flyer or apply to attend!

Youth Range Workshop is an annual youth camp held in June to prepare students to be knowledgeable leaders in their communities regarding the value of rangelands, the services and products they provide, and the importance of stewardship of our natural resources. Our emphasis is on stewardship, leadership, and management of natural resources. These lessons will serve participants well in the future regardless of what career path they choose or where they live. The students spend six days of intense activity in the field and classroom immersed in activities, including:

  • plant identification and plant collection
  • studying species composition and plant community dynamics
  • conducting forage inventories
  • learning the grazing and browsing habits of livestock and wildlife
  • learning habitat management principles and techniques for various species of wildlife
  • conducting field tests to determine the benefits of vegetation on infiltration and runoff rates as well as soil erosion
  • learning about soil health
  • assisting with a prescribed burn on a local ranch
  • and how all of these things are tied together

Hands-on learning is the focus, whether collecting, assisting with an actual prescribed burn, clipping and weighing vegetation, measuring soil temperature, participating in the operation of a rainfall simulator or learning to use the latest phone app for range management.

For more information and to apply to attend, go to www.tssrm-youthrangeworkshop.com or click here!

Prescribed Burn School April 19 – 21, 2023 – San Angelo, Texas

Prescribed Burn School April 19 – 21, 2023 – San Angelo, Texas

Dr. Morgan Treadwell is back with her first Prescribed Burn School for 2023 in San Angelo, Texas on April 19 – 21! If you are curious about prescribed fire or would like to get more hands-on experience, this 3-day school is for you! View the agenda here.


Wood Plant Encroachment in Grasslands: Teaching by RAP’ping

Are you headed to Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Conference this weekend? If so, be sure to stop by and see our very own Erika Sullivan during the Graduate Poster Presentation.


The Society for Range Management Recognizes Texas Stewards

Congratulations are in order for Dr. John Walker for receiving the Sustained Lifetime Achievement Award. He has been recognized for more than four decades of substantial contributions to Rangeland Science and Management.


Drought Proofing The Ranch Online Course

While the majority of Texas is being impacted by Drought, this Drought Proofing the Ranch course will offer timely advice and guidance. Not currently affected by the drought? It is never too early to start preparing your ranch!


The Future of Cattle Prices

“Future cattle prices could hinge on weather and subsequent grazing availability and/or input costs such as grain,” said Dr. David Anderson in one of his latest interviews with Morning Ag Clips.


Increase in Wildfires Across the Great Plains

There have been rapid changes in wildfire patterns and increases in acres burned that have been documented on almost every continent. In Europe, forest fires have increased from 40,000 to more than 95,000 per year. In the United States, over 68,000 wildfires have occurred. With the increase in fires, there has been increasing pressure to identify areas that may experience increases in wildfires in future decades. (more…)

Targeted Grazing with Goats and Sheep

Before producers can consider adding additional species to their operations, forage production and carrying capacity must be determined. This is crucial and the foundation of any operation.  More information on determining stocking rate and carry capacity can be found in this AgriLife Extension Publication – Stocking Rate: The Key Grazing Management Decision.

What is Targeted Grazing?


Factors That Influence Conservation Adoption

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Chris Morris, an Iowa State University Ph.D. candidate in rural sociology and sustainable agriculture, recently did a podcast interview on an Illinois Nutrient Loss Reduction. This podcast is presented by the University of Illinois Extension and hosted by Todd Gleason.

With research, Morris has found that building a relationship of trust between a conservationist and a farmer has had the most positive impact on having conversation practices implemented.

One particular study looked at the effect of Natural Resources Conservation Service conservation plans on adoption. Morris found that interactions between conversation professionals and farmers along with technical assistance was the driving factor of conservation practice adoption.