Journal Articles

2017 American Journal of Botany (104 915-923) Phenology of Perennial, Native Grass, Belowground Axillary Buds in the Northern Mixed-Grass Prairie

Season of Fire Manipulates Bud Bank Dynamics in Northern Mixed-Grass Prairie

Fire and Nitrogren Alter Axillary Bud Number and Activity in Purple Threeawn

Fire, Defoliation, and Competing Species Alter Aristida Purpurea Biomass, Tiller, and Aristida Purpurea Biomass, Tiller, and Axillary Bud Production

Grazing Distribution and Diet Quality of Angus, Brangus, and Brahman Cows in the Chihuahuan Desert

Extension Publications

Fire Appreciation Day Abstracts Summaries and Abstracts from Fire Appreciation Day 

EWF-034 Managing Heat for Wildlife on Texas Rangelands 

ERM-021 Fire Effects on Wildlife

ERM-022 Legal Barriers to Prescribed Burning

ERM-023 Understanding Wildfire Response

ERM-039 Mexican Feathergrass

ERM-038 Mexican Needlegrass

ERM037_Wildfire Ready Checklist

NREM-2899 Prescribed Burn Equipment

NREM-2902 Cut and Stuff Practices for Enhanced Cedar Control with Prescribed Fire

NREM-2903 Prescribed Burning: Spotfires and Escapes

ERM-035 Prescribed Burning Liability and Insurance Considerations


Living with Texas Fire: Burn Plan

Living with Texas Fire: Communications, Radios, and Maps

Living with Texas Fire: Drip Torch Safety

Living with Texas Fire: Drip Torch Troublehooting

Living with Texas Fire: Fire Application

Living with Texas Fire: Fire Tools

Living with Texas Fire: Fire Weather Forecast, Interpreting Fire Weather

Living with Texas Fire: Historic Role of Fire

Living with Texas Fire: Ignition Techniques

Living with Texas Fire: Landowner’s Perspective on Prescribed Burns

Living with Texas Fire: On-Site Weather

Living with Texas Fire: Prescribed Burn Associations

Living with Texas Fire: Prescribed Burn Effects on Livestock

Living with Texas Fire: Prescribed Burn Effects on Wildlife

Living with Texas Fire: Proper Fuel Mix

Living with Texas Fire: Protective Clothing

Living with Texas Fire: Sprayer Rigs

Living with Texas Fire: Types of Fire Behavior

Living with Texas Fire: Who to Contact Before Burning

Living with Texas Fire: Wildfire Mitigation

Living with Texas Fire: Great Plains Fire Science Exchange

Living with Texas Fire: Planning Weather Conditions

Living with Texas Fire: Using Goats with Fire

Living with Texas Fire: The Importance of Burning

Ring-Fire Ignition Method – TAMU AgriLife Extension

Fire Up Your Beef – National Bobwhite Conservation Initiative

The Business of Burning – TPW

Prescribed Burn Goals and Objectives – NRCS


Texas Department of Agriculture – Prescribed Burn Board

Fire Weather Intelligence Portal

Great Plains Fire Science Exchange

Georgia Forestry Commission Fire Weather System

Plants of Texas Rangelands

USDA-NRCS Plants Database

Department of Animal Science – Beef Publications

Department of Animal Science

Texas AgriLife Extension Service – Beef Cattle

Beef Cattle Publications

Beef Safety and Quality Assurance

Texas Beef Quality Producers program

Greenbook® – Compiled Pesticide Product Labels, Supplemental Labels and MSDS

Markets and Market Information

CME Agricultural Commodities Futures and Options Quotes

KSU AgManager – Information on Crops, Livestock,
Farm Management and Policy

USDA-AMS Cattle Auction Reports

USDA-AMS National Daily Cattle and Beef Summary

Producer Associations

Texas Cattle Feeders Association

Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association


Colorado State University Guide to Poisonous Plants

Texas A&M University – Texas Toxic Plants Database

Cow Calf Management

Key Performance Indicator Targets for Beef Cow-calf Operations View

Nutritional Management Section

Mineral supplements for stockers grazing small grains pasture View

Some Points to Consider about Cattle Water View

Summer Protein Supplementation for Stocker Cattle and Nursing Calves on Rangeland – View

Supplementation Strategies for  Beef Cattle – View

Range, Pasture and Forages

Moving Cattle Off the Ranch: Drought Alternatives – Information on culling cattle during times of drought.  View

Nitrate Accumulation in Forages  View

Old World Bluestem Pasture Management Strategies for Panhandle and South Plains  View

Prussic Acid in Forages Aug 2017  View

Software and Spreadsheets


OSU_Ration_Calculator_2013 spreadsheet

OSU Cowculator Instructions CR-3280web

OSU Cowculator_2_0 2015 program

Stocker Feeder Cattle Budget Template updated Feb 2, 2016

Forage allocation Cattle Flow Workbook Feb 2015


Annotated bibliography of fire-grazing interaction and patch burning studies. Compiled by Stephen Winter (updated Nov 11, 2013)

Annotated bibliography Great Plains Fire Science Exchange version (updated Sep 2014)

Patch burning by Stephen Pyne

Web applications

Landsat NDVI

DataLandsat derived productivity for CONUS

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