Consumer Decision Making Project

Consumer Decision Making is a great way to learn how to shop better!

Bell County Consumer Decision Making Entry Form – Due NO LATER THAN February 3, 2017.

Important dates for 2017:

  • January 2nd – Practice/Meeting
  • January 9th – Practice/Meeting
  • January 20th – Practice/Meeting
  • January 23rd – Practice/Meeting
  • January 30th – Practice/Meeting
  • February 3rd – Entry Deadline
  • February 13th – Bell County Contest
  • February 20th – Practice/Meeting
  • February 27th – Practice/Meeting

Consumer Class Guide 2016-2017:

District 8 4-H Consumer Contest Classes 2016-2017:



Cookware Cookware
Outdoor Backpacks Outdoor Backpacks
Active Wear Active Wear
Fast Food Fast Food
Athletic Shoes Athletic Shoes
Mystery Mystery

Lessons and Scenarios:

Practice Classes:

Other Practice Classes:

CDM Classes Overview- Lesson (Created by Bill Holcombe, CEA 4-H Galveston County)

Scenarios developed by: Micah Holcombe, CEA 4-H Bell County, Cheryl Walker, CEA FCS Milam County, and Elaine Luckey, Past 4-Her from Milam County)

Digital Media Players:

Movie Rentals:

Digital Cameras:

Cell Phones:



Green Products:



Nutritious Snacks:

County Contest:

Note Taking Format Page

Giving Oral Reasons Handout

Judging.Com Hormel scoring system (You put your placing and cuts in and it will give you the score)

State Lesson Plans:

These lesson plans were developed to help other leaders in other Counties learn how to teach the consumer project in their County. These were developed by Micah Holcombe and Cheryl Walker. Please email if you used these in your County, so we can keep track on the number reached! Thanks!

East Region FCS Retreat Training Presentation– (download in Microsoft Powerpoint)

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