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Club Manager Resources

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Club Management Resources

Club Manager Connection

This year-long program will focus on equipping our club managers with the tools they need to be successful in their role. This platform will also allow club managers from across the district to share and converse with each other-allowing new ideas, ways to overcome challenges, and much more to come to light. In addition to the 4 workshops, each month will see a new newsletter with information and articles geared specifically towards our club managers. More information is below.


Club Manager Connection Information:

2/9-Let’s Connect (What is your role, exactly? Meet others from across the district who are in your same boat!) online

5/18-Let’s Reflect (How did this year go for you? What worked? What didn’t? Let’s start the planning process for next year) online

8/19-Let’s Kick It Off (Ready for the new year? Let’s get things started!) in person @ the District Office in Stephenville

11/9-Let’s Find out What’s Next (How can we put into practice the things we’ve learned so far? What is next for the club manager? online

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January Newsletter:

Club Manager Resources:


District 8 4-H is now housing all of our helpful resources on a Google Drive, for easy access.

You can view the whole drive here:

In this drive, you will find resources from Texas 4-H (can also be found here: ), Iowa 4-H, and resources from a wide-range of states across the country.

Some helpful tips:

  • These resources (especially those from other states) are meant to give you guidance on different topics. Your best resource will always be your County Extension Agent and County Extension Office.
  • The Iowa folder has a few very unique resources in it….Like this one (Fixing issues in your club meetings)
  • There is a folder for Virtual Learning Activities. These will be helpful as you try to navigate theses new waters. Be sure to check out the Best Practices from Texas 4-H: Here


Let’s break it down further:

Looking for meeting ideas? Check out the Monthly Meeting Topic section of the Texas 4-H website (its towards the bottom of the page)-


Club Manager 4-H Connect Resources


Club Officer Handbook Resources

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