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Horse Validation Information

A few important reminders:

  • The family can submit payment of $10.00 per horse ($20.00 after April 15th, or $250 from May 1st to May 5th), in the form of a credit card ONLY.
    • From March 1 – April 15, the validation cost for each horse is $10.00.
    • From April 16 – May 1, the validation cost for each horse is $20.00.
  • Each validation must include front view, right side view, and left side view images.  The entire horse should be included in the photo and markings should be clearly visible.
  • If the horse is registered, a copy of the registration papers must be uploaded.  These papers must list the 4-Her, sibling, parent, stepparent, grandparent or legal guardian as the current owner. If the ownership is in the process of being transferred, please list “pending” in the registration number area.  Once the updated registration papers have been received, please email me a copy of the new papers and I will add it to the validation.
  • In order to be eligible for breed specific awards, correct registration papers for that breed must be uploaded. If the horse is registered with more than one association, then multiple sets of registration papers can be uploaded.
  • Image uploads must be in the form of a .jpg, .gif or .png file. PDF documents are not an accepted file type.
  • Families should validate each horse only one time. Once the horse is validated, any sibling within that family is eligible to show the horse at their district show and/or the State 4-H Horse Show.
  • Horses owned in partnership or jointly with any other person not listed above do NOT meet ownership requirements.
  • Horses CANNOT be leased, rented, borrowed, or loaned.
  • There is no limit to the number of horses that can be validated. You are encouraged to validate all horses that may possibly be shown at district and/or state shows. Only state validated horses can be substituted in the event that a validated horse becomes unusable due to lameness, sickness, etc.
  • Youth validating a futurity horse must be at least 12 years of age (as of Sept. 1, 2021) and at least in the 6th grade.



Validation walk-through guide for families:

For additional one-pagers and other resources, please visit

Validation walk-through video:

The family will receive an automated message from 4-H Online when the County Extension Agent has approved the horse at the county level. This approval does NOT guarantee eligibility. After it is approved at the county level, the validation will then be reviewed at the state level. The family will be notified by June 1st if there are any issues with the validation at the state level.



2022 District 8 4-H Horse Show

2022 Event Information

Date: June 13-14, 2022
Registration May 2-20, 2022

Bell County Expo Center
301 W Loop 121
Belton, TX 76513
(254) 933-5353

Deadline: Check with your local County Extension Agent.  Deadlines vary by county.
Entry Fee:  $15 per class

Horses in the following divisions must show in at least one class within the division at the
District 4-H Horse Show to be eligible to show in all the classes within the division at the State
4-H Horse Show.
• Halter Division
• Geldings – 5 & Over, 4 & Under
• Mares – 5 & Over, 4 & Under
• Judged Western Division (showmanship, western pleasure, western horsemanship, western riding, trail)
• Hunter Flat Division (hunter showmanship, hunter under saddle, hunt seat equitation, hunt seat versatility)
• Speed Events Division (barrels, poles, stakes, goat tying)
• Yearling Halter Gelding Futurity Division
• Yearling Halter Filly Futurity Division
• Yearling Futurity Division
• 2-Year-Old Futurity Division
• 3-Year-Old Futurity Division



2022 Texas 4-H Horse Show Rules & Regulations 

 Information will be posted as it is made available. 

  • Texas 4-H Horse Show website
  • Texas 4-H Horse Show Entries will be completed on 4-H Connect – not paper forms.
  • We will have multiple computers on-site at the District Horse Show to allow you to register, as well as agents there to help you through the process.
  • Texas 4-H Horse Show entries will be due on 4-H Connect by the close of the District 8 Horse Show.
  • 2021 Texas 4-H Horse Validation Instructions
  • 2021 Texas 4-H Horse Show Entry Worksheet – This is just a guide to help you.
  • 2021 Texas 4-H Horse Show Riding Teams Worksheet – This is just a guide to help you.
  • 2021 Texas 4-H Horse Show Contestant Letter
  • 2021 Texas 4-H Horse Show Schedule