4-H Enrollment Information

Steps to Enroll and Participate in 4-H:

  1. Read 23-24 Family Handbook-Determine Club(s) and Project Interests
  2. Enroll Online– Please see below for instructions and more details.
  3. Attend your Club Meetings
  4. Read 4-H Newsletter
  5. Read Weekly Email Updates (Must be enrolled on 4-H Connect to receive updates)
  6. Attend 4-H Project Activities/Contests


For the 2023-2024 year, enrollment will be completed by enrolling online. There will also be a 4-H participation fee of $25 (if completed before October 31st) and $30 starting November 1st.


Enroll In 4-H

Signup on 4HOnline after you have found a project and club that is right for you! Youth members are required to pay a $25.00 participation fee if enrolled by October 31st, and a $30.00 fee from November 1st to the completion of the 4-H year. Adults pay a $10.00 volunteer applicant fee. Adults and youth will need to enroll on 4HOnline and be active to be considered an official member of Texas 4-H.

An active enrollment is required in order to register and participate in all 4-H activities and events. Each year on August 15th all membership in Texas 4-H goes to inactive and all youth and adult volunteers must re-enroll.


If you are unable to pay for 4-H membership or are having a tough time this year, the Bell County Extension Education Association (EEA) has provided limited funds to help 4-H members pay for the membership fees. Please see the application for requirements and deadlines: BELL EEA 4-H Scholarship Assistance



Bell County Youth Fair Enrollment and Requirements to Participate

Below are the new changes regarding BCYF.  Please make sure you have a sign in sheet at each meeting and  announce to all members to sign in before, during, and after the meeting.

  • The BCYF has a NEW website in which everything will be posted including the new fair book, entry forms, superintendent’s names and phone numbers, score sheets, and other information: http://agrilife.org/bellctyyouthfair/
  • You MUST attend 2 meetings to participate in the BCYF. You MUST sign in on the sign in sheets for it to count.
  • 2 meetings will be allowed from August 1, 2023 to December 31, 2023 this year. No meetings will be allowed in January to use for the 2 meeting rule.
  • All 4-H members MUST be enrolled by December 1, 2023 to participate in the BCYF. However, the fee will go up after October 31st so do it quickly.



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