Bell County 4-H Exchange

Welcome to the Bell County 4-H Exchange Program. In this program, you will be able to engage in activities which help prepare you to host other 4-H members from another state. You will also prepare to travel to another state and stay in the home of another 4-H member. You will be able to experience some of the ways that people in other communities are different and ways that they are similar.

We are blessed to be in a unique part of Texas in which our county is very diverse in geography, industry, and even culture. Other states in the United States also   offer differences in these areas which you will be able to learn about. The lifestyles of some communities are based closely around the work that is done there. In rural areas where farming is prevalent, many activities and celebrations are based on agriculture like “cotton festivals or corn festivals”. In other areas of the United States, the culture may be based on fishing, forestry, or even art. In this program you will be able to explore some of the differences.

Bell County 4-H Exchange 2014-2015