Texas 4-H Rules and Guidelines

2023-2024 Texas 4-H Rules and Guidelines

4-H Eligibility – Bell 4-H youth, including youth in public, private, and/or home school, must adhere to the following guidelines regarding extracurricular activities and academic eligibility: Complete a “Declaration of Eligibility Form” – If you are in public or private school, your form will be sent automatically to your school. If you are home schooled, you will be required to come to the office to pick one up and fill it out.


Name of 4-H member must appear on a list of eligible students to participate in a specific extracurricular activity signed by the school principal or designee. – This list is usually used during the youth fair instead of filling out a form for each student.

Extracurricular activities through 4-H that require a “Declaration of Eligibility Form” or List of Eligible names:

  • All 4-H Competitive Events (this does include photography, Bell County Youth Fair, Participation in ANY 4-H event or activity that would require them to be absent from school. Consistent with the UIL rules, the Texas 4-H Program has adopted a three school week waiting period upon change in status of school enrollment (ie from public to private or private to home or home to public or home to private) before the 4-H member is eligible for extracurricular activity. As a result of the 81st Legislation, no significant changes were made in TEA or UIL rules and procedures.The 76th Legislature passed House Bill 3573 with 3major changes in regard to school eligibility and extracurricular activities:
  • Authorizes the Commissioner of Education (instead of State Board of Education) to adopt for extracurricular activities and to approve or disapprove UIL rules and procedures.
  • Suspension period of “no pass, no play” changed to 3 SCHOOL weeks.
  • Authorizes local boards of trustees to adopt policies that establish the number of times that students may be absent to participate in extracurricular activities. It also requires that the policies allow at least ten absences for extracurricular participation but does not cap the maximum number of days that may be missed for extracurricular participation.


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