4-H Livestock

Please scroll through the page below to see all of the latest 4-H livestock project information. If you have any questions about the information on this page, please contact Whitney Ingram at (254) 933-5305 or whitney.ingram@ag.tamu.edu. Thank you!

2023 Major Show/BCYF Order Process

Orders due by Wednesday, June 1st, 2022. 

2023 BCYF & Major Show Turkey Order Form

 Turkeys will be straight-run (toms and hens randomly mixed) for 2023.
The price of turkey poults is $4.25 per bird.
A minimum of 5 and maximum of 75 poults may be ordered per exhibitor or family unit.

Texas 4-H and FFA Livestock Program Ethics Policy


Rule #3 of the Texas 4-H and FFA Livestock Program Ethics Policy states that exhibitors and immediate family/guardians are responsible for providing the primary and continuous daily care of livestock projects throughout the validation period. However, there are certain instances when the livestock may be outside of the direct care of the livestock exhibitor, their family, or their supervising County Extension Agent/Agriculture Science Teacher. These instances and the third-party providing care must be approved as noted in Rule #3. This form is to serve as an approval process for state validated livestock projects requesting to be outside of the care of the above listed parties for certain livestock management practices. For more information about Rule #3 or if this form is applicable for your situation, please review the Texas 4-H and FFA Livestock Program Ethics Policy: https://texasyouthlivestock.com/.

Market Lamb Classification Guidelines

Lamb Breed Classification Guidelines 

Market Barrow Classification Guidelines

Swine Classification Guidelines

Please reference the premium book of each show for all rules and regulations regarding entries and classification as they take precedence over this information.


For the most up to date information regarding the youth fair visit the BCYF page at: http://agrilife.org/bellctyyouthfair/



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