District 8 Surge

2024 District 8 4-H Surge


Objective:   To prepare teen leaders from the 21 counties in District 8 for leadership roles. These roles might be at the county level, or county committees, or their clubs. The hope is that participants will take information back from SURGE and share it with members back in their counties. SURGE is set up to be enjoyable and fun, but there is work too. Many workshops are set up that will require concentration and serious participation. Speeches are delivered for officer elections. 4-H members in grades 8-12 (of the current 4-H year) are eligible to attend. We work and we play. Play time is set up with activities that build teamwork skills and camaraderie in the district.

4-H CONNECT REGISTRATION:  TBD  https://texas.4honline.com

DATES & TIME:  Monday, June 24 through Thursday, June 27, 2024 Arrive no earlier than 1:00 pm on Tuesday. Adjourn at 11:15 am on Thursday.

LOCATION: Coming Soon

COST:  $250 for youth participants/$200 for adults

WHO CAN ATTEND:  All District 8 4-H Council officers plus representatives from each county. All participants must have completed the 8th grade to attend SURGE.


HEALTH & RELEASE FORMS:  Every participant, youth and adults, will need to complete a Health and Release form packet. Forms are included in this letter and will                                                                                                                  be able to be downloaded from 4-H Online.
The completed, signed forms will need to be scanned as a pdf and uploaded to 4-H Online during the registration process. Please note:                                                                                                        The forms require a copy of the participant’s insurance card.
 Each chaperone will be required to have one copy of these forms with them while traveling.

SERVICE PROJECT:  We will be collecting items for Camp Buckner and the families they serve. A full list of items will be sent out as we get closer to camp. 

Please review the documents below for more information and details!

SURGE Forms_2023


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