Food Show/Food Challenge

Bell County Food Challenge & Food Show

The Bell County Food Show/Food Challenge contest will be held on November 9th at the County Extension Office.

Entry Forms are due by October 28, 2022.  Please complete and return to


BC Food Show Entry Form



District 8 Food Challenge & Food Show
Event Information

Registration:  November 14-December 1, 2022

DateDecember 14, 2022

Cost: $10 per student

Location: Bell County Expo Center

Deadlines:  All entries will be completed on 4-H Connect at


Contest Letter-MS WORD PDF

Both Contests-Rules & Forms
Tentative Schedule ( Coming soon!!)

Detailed Schedule

Food Show

The Food Show allows participants to prepare a recipe at home and bring the day of the contest. Participants present the prepared dish to a panel of judges with a presentation and interview to demonstrate the knowledge and skills they have gained in their Food & Nutrition project.

We will have THREE age divisions for Food Show: Junior, Intermediate, and Seniors.  Read the guidelines for more details.

2022-2023 Food Show Theme “Backyard BBQ”  Let your local food sources guide your healthy recipe selection with only $10 to spend!

Food Show Rules & Guidelines and Forms

Rules & Guidelines & All Forms
Junior/Intermediate Paperwork
Senior Paperwork
All Age Division Score Sheet
Sample Questions
Recipe Submission Checklist
Texas 4-H Food Show Rules & Guidelines
Texas 4-H Food & Nutrition Resources

Food Challenge

More than 120,000 youth participate in the 4-H Food & Nutrition Project, learning how to prepare nutritious and safe meals and snacks and adopt behaviors that can help reduce their risk for chronic disease. The 4-H Food Chal­lenge is a “highly charged” foods experience. This contest, modeled after such competitions as the Food Network’s “Iron Chef,” challenges teams of 4-H members to create a dish using only a pre­determined number of ingredients. From these ingredients, team members must identify and prepare the dish, then make a presentation about it to the judges. The presentation will include information about the serving size, nutritional value, and cost of the dish. The 4-H Food Challenge allows 4-H members to demonstrate their culinary and food safety skills to judges and observers.

At the Food Challenge, teams of 3-4 students receive a list of ingredients and have 40 minutes to create a dish. The teams then present their dish to judges and are scored on preparation, serving size, food safety concerns, nutritional value and cost. Students qualify at the county and district level to compete at the state contest. Review all the rules in the Food Challenge Manual.

We will have THREE age divisions for Food Challenge: Junior, Intermediate, and Seniors.  Read the guidelines for more details.

Juniors may move up to the Intermediate age division when participating on a team that has a true Intermediates (based upon grades listed above) on it. No one may move up to the Senior age division.  NO individual may move down to a younger age division.


Food Challenge Rules & Guidelines and Forms
Rules & Guidelines & All Forms
Junior/Intermediate Scorecard
Junior/Intermediate Worksheet
Senior Presentation Scorecard
Senior Worksheet
All Age Divisions Preparation Scorecard
Texas 4-H Food Challenge Manual

Texas 4-H Food & Nutrition Resources


Food Challenge – Additional Resources:

Food Challenge Supply Box

Printable version (PDF)

Supply boxes are limited to the following dimensions: 40” x 24” x 40”. It is the responsibility of the county to check those qualifying teams before they arrive at the District contest, to ensure all boxes fit the necessary measurements. Each team will bring a box containing only one each of the following items, unless a different quantity is notes.
Beverage glass Pencils ( No Limit)
Bowls (up to 4-any size) Plastic box & trash bags for dirty equipment
Calculator Pot with Lid
Can Opener Potato Masher
Colander Potato Peeler
Cutting Boards (up to 4) Sanitizing Wipes ( 1 container)
Disposable tasting spoons (no limit) Serving Dishes/Utensils

1 Plate/Platter

1 Bowl

1 Utensil

Dry measuring cups (1 set) Skewers ( 1 set)
Electric Skillet Skillet with Lid
Extension cord (multiple outlet or strip style)

Teams should be certain the extension cord is compatible (2-pronge/3-pronge) with the plugs on their electrical supplies

Spatulas ( up to 2)


First Aid Kit Stirring Spoon
Food Thermometer Storage Bags ( 1 box)
Fork Tongs (up to 2)
Gloves Toothpicks (no limit)
Grater Two single-burner hot plates


One double-burner plate (electric only)

Hand Sanitizer Whisk
Hot Pads (up to 5) Pantry Items



Oil (up to 17 oz)

1 jar chicken bouillon

1 medium onion

2 cans ( up to 16 oz) vegetables and or fruit (team choice)

Rice (white or brown) or pasta (up to 16 oz) (team choice)

Kitchen Shears (1 pair)
Knives ( up to 6)
Liquid measuring cup
Manual pencil sharpener
Measuring Spoons ( 1 set)
Non-Stick Cooking Spray
Note cards (1 package-no larger than 5×7)
Paper Towels (1 roll)
Pancake Turner



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