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Service Learning Interpretation – Information Sheet
Use Your Hands…For Service

The Leaders 4 Life Skill-A-Thon is a competitive event designed to challenge county 4-H council teams in their leadership skills, parliamentary procedure, and service learning.

Overview of the Leaders 4 Life Skill-A-Thon Components

  • Parliamentary Procedure Demonstration – The teams will demonstrate a simulated 4-H meeting used a standard agenda that is provided at the event. Teams of four to six 4-H members will have 20 minutes (Seniors) or 15 minutes (Junior/Intermediates) to conduct the meeting before a panel of judges. The maximum number of points for this part of the contest is 100 points.
  • Question and Answer – Each team will be asked 10 questions on parliamentary procedure. Every team member must answer at least one question, but no more than three questions.  The remaining questions may be answered by any team member, and the team members will choose who will answer the extra questions before they are read.  Each contestant must begin a response withing 10 seconds and complete the answer within one minute. Each question is worth up to 10 points, for a maximum of score of 100 points.
  • Service Learning Interpretation Piece – (Seniors only) Each team will submit a simple document (not judged) that includes the name of a project that was conducted during the year. The document will include the project name and three or four sentences describing it. Teams must use the Service Learning Interpretation – Information Sheet.  The judges will ask the team about the project and its use of the eight steps of service learning (outline on page 6 of the Use Your Hands…For Service document. The maximum score is 70 points.

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