Ag Law in the Field Podcast: Episodes 101-110

We just keep rolling along with our Ag Law in the Field Podcast episodes.  Our show continues to grow in popularity and we appreciate those of you who are listeners!

If you aren’t familiar with Ag Law in the Field or with podcasts in general, don’t panic.  This is simply another resource that I have available for you to learn more about Texas agricultural law.  Each episode is audio-only, and I interview an ag lawyer about a specific topic.  The best part…you can listen for free!  In the last 110 episodes, as you can imagine, we’ve covered a lot of ground as far as topics go.  If you’d like to see what we have available, you can check us out on your favorite podcast app, or just click here.  You can scroll down through the different topics and click the black triangle play button to listen.

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Okay, now let’s get to our recap of the last ten episodes!

Episode #101: Mary-Thomas Hart (PFAS and Agriculture)  After hearing Mary-Thomas discuss this important environmental and its potential impact on agriculture at last year’s American Agricultural Law Association Conference, I knew I had to have her on the show.

Episode #102:  Dr. Blake Bennett (TX Property Tax Exemptions)  Dr. Bennett, based in Dallas, is the AgriLife expert on property taxes.  On this episode, he walked us through the various property tax exemptions available to landowners and how they work.

Episode #103:  Stephanie Bradley Fryer (Working with the FSA/NRCS Office) In this two-part series looking at how to deal with your local Farm Service Agency and National Resources Conservation Service, Stephanie Fryer was the perfect guest given her vast experience in this arena.  Not only is she a producer who deals with these offices, she is also a former FSA County Executive Director and an attorney.  Her insights and tips were really helpful.

Episode #104: Dr. Bart Fischer (Common FSA/NRCS Programs)  Dr. Fischer was a great follow up to Stephanie, and in this episode he walked us through many of the most common programs at the FSA and NRCS office.  I’d highly recommend this program to anyone curious about what programs may be available.

Episode #105:  Greg Phillips (Heirs’ Property)  Heirs property results when a landowner dies without a will.  This can leave the person’s heirs with a host of legal issues for generations, and Greg Phillips is are the forefront of working on these issues in Texas.

Episode #106:  Adrienne DeSutter (Agriculture + Mental Health Awareness Month)  If you have been here for a while, you know that mental health and agriculture is an issue near and dear to my heart.  For Mental Health Awareness Month, I was thrilled to welcome Adrienne DeSutter–a farmer, counselor, and mental health advocate, join me to talk about this important issue.

Episode #107:  Jesse Richardson (Interstate Water Wars at the US Supreme Court)  Jesse Richardson is a fan favorite on the podcast and he loves nothing more than talking about water law.  This was a great episode where we discussed three interstate water disputes and their potential implications.

Episode #108:  Parks Brown (Texas Oil and Gas Update) This episode with Parks Brown kicked off another two-part series where we looked at current hot topics in energy law.  Specifically, here we discussed the current oil and gas market and looked at a number of recent Texas appellate court decisions in this arena.

Episode #109:  Parks Brown (Renewable Energy Update) This episode continues our discussion of energy hot topics, but here we focus on solar and wind energy.  Parks gives us some great information for anyone considering a solar or wind lease.

Episode #110: J Pete Laney (2021 Texas Legislature Recap) Our friend J Pete Laney joins us after every Texas Legislature to give us a recap of the key bills related to agriculture.  This session, we had a long list of bills to discuss, so you do not want to miss this episode!

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