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Correction to December 8, 2017 Weekly Round Up

The link to the blog post from the Iowa State Center for Ag Law and Taxation that summarizes the Senate version of the tax reform bill was incorrect in the initial post.  Sorry for any inconvenience.  The link has been corrected on the original post and you can find the article by clicking here. Hope you are all enjoying your weekend!

Do You Use The Twitter?

Recently I’ve gotten several new followers over on Twitter, so I thought I’d invite any of you who are Tweet-ers to follow me as well.  You can find me there @TiffDowell.  My posts are primarily agricultural law-related, but sometimes cute pictures of my kiddos sneak in there as well.  Come follow along!

Vote for the Texas Agriculture Law Blog

We are excited that the Texas Agriculture Law Blog has been nominated by The Expert Institute as one of the Best Legal Blogs in the Education & Law Category. Voting is now open and you can cast your vote for your favorite blog in the various categories.  To vote for the Texas Agriculture Law Blog, click here.  (Voting is quick, easy, and only takes one click!) Thank you all for your support during the nomination process and now with your votes.

Best Legal Blog Contest Nominations

The Expert Institute is currently accepting nominations for its Best Legal Blog Contest.  Of course, we would love for you to consider nominating the Texas Agricultural Law Blog for this honor if you enjoy our content. From now through September 15, 2017 readers can nominate their favorite legal blog and bloggers to be included on the list of nominees.  The blogs with the most nominations will then be included in the final round where the public is given the chance to vote for its favorite legal blog/blogger. The… Read More →

What Is the Dairy Pride Act and What Legal Issues Could It Face?

“Only actual milk should be called milk in order to avoid misleading consumers.”  “It should not be called milk because it is not milk.”  This is the basic premise behind a bill (S. 130) pending before the United States Senate titled the “Defending Against Imitations and Replacements of Yogurt, Milk, and Cheese To Promote Regular Intake of Dairy Everyday Act” or abbreviated as the “DAIRY PRIDE Act.” This bill was introduced by Senator Tammy Baldwin, a Democrat from Wisconsin. [Read full text here.]  Citing findings of the U.S…. Read More →

Panhandle District Awards Banquet

I was very humbled yesterday to be part of groups that won at the Texas A&M Agrilife Extension Panhandle District Banquet. Our Ranchers Leasing Workshop Team, made up of Austin Voyles, Fred Hall, Kim Garcia, Shannon Ferrell, Paul Goeringer, Rusty Rumley, and myself) won the Team Teaching Award for our programs last year.  As part of a grant from the Southern Extension Risk Management Education Center, we put on 5 leasing workshops in 3 states and wrote the Ranchers’ Agricultural Leasing Handbook.  After the success of these programs, we… Read More →

Look for the Helpers

In light of what has been going on in the Panhandle this week, we are going to take a break from the Weekly Round Up today and, instead, take a moment to think of those struggling after the wildfires.  I wrote this article about the events of this last week and thought I would share. Years ago, I heard a quote by Mr. Rogers.  He said that when tragedy strikes and everything seems so dark, you should look for the helpers. The firemen running into burning buildings. The… Read More →

TCAAA State Specialist of the Year in Texas Agriculture

Over the summer, I was very honored to be awarded the “State Specialist of the Year in Texas Agriculture” award from the Texas County Agricultural Agents Association. This group is made up of extension agents from across the state.  I so enjoy the chance to work with these folks and really appreciate them giving me this award.

Three-Peat as American Bar Association Top 100 Blawg

We are excited and honored that for the third year in a row, the Texas Agriculture Law Blog has been selected as one of the top 100 legal blogs (“blawgs”) by the American Bar Association.  To view the full 2017 Blawg 100 list, click here. According to the American Bar Association Acting Editor-Publisher, Molly McDonough, “For 10 years, the Blawg 100 has helped shine a light on the stunning breadth of legal topics and voices to found in the legal blogosphere.  Journal editors have selected yet another stellar… Read More →

She’s Here!

As I mentioned previously, the Weekly Round Up will be on hold for a couple of months while I am out on maternity leave.  We recently welcomed our second little one–a girl this time–to our family.  Thank you all of your kind words and well-wishes!