Ag Law in the Field Podcast – Episodes 1-10

It seems like yesterday we launched the Ag Law in the Field Podcast, but we’ve already posted 10 episodes!  I am so grateful to all of my guests for being willing to share their expertise on various legal issues affecting agriculture.

In case you may have missed them, I wanted to give a rundown of the first ten episodes, along with links to the website and show notes for each one as well.  Remember, you can listen to the podcast on iTunes, your phone’s podcast app, or online at the links below.  I am always happy to take suggestions for topics of interest, so feel free to shoot me some ideas!

Episode 1 – Introduction to Ag Law in the Field.  This short, two-minute clip is just me introducing myself and my goals and vision for the podcast.

Episode 2 – Advice for Law Students (Kyle Weldon).  Kyle Weldon is about to begin his third year of law school at Texas A&M University School of Law.  In this episode, he offers advice for those interested in applying for law school, for those of you studying for the LSAT, and for law students navigating that tough first year.  We also discuss our favorite law school classes and some of the organizations he is involved with at TAMU.

Episode 3 – Waters of the United States aka “WOTUS”  (Jim Bradbury).  This is our most listened episode to date and features Jim Bradbury, an Austin and Ft. Worth-based attorney, offering an explanation of the Waters of the United States rule.  I’ve had two attorneys and a United States Senate staffer tell me that this was the best explanation of WOTUS they have ever heard.  So, if you are interested in understanding why WOTUS is such a big deal and figuring out exactly where things stand now, this episode is for you.

Episode 4 – Family Law for the Farm and Ranch aka “Horses and Divorces” (Cari Rincker).  As Cari explains, agricultural law is an extremely broad field and certainly includes family law issues.  From her reasons for being a fan of prenuptial agreements to her experience with alternative dispute resolution in the divorce process, Cari shares her thoughts and experiences on a family and matrimonial attorney in New York City and Illinois.

Episode 5 – Should You Incorporate Your Farm or Ranch?  (Amber Miller).  Whether to utilize a business entity for ones’ farm or ranch is a topic of interest to many farmers and ranchers.  In this episode, Amber Miller and I discuss reasons why folks should consider various business entities, and then walk through several options, highlighting the pros and cons of each. In her practice with Crenshaw Dupree and Milam in Lubbock, Amber works with agricultural operators to find the best option for their operation.

Episode 6 – Finding Your Dream Job and Legal Issues Facing the Dairy Industry (Ashley Ellixson).  Ashley has a great story about working hard and climbing the ladder that eventually led to her dream job working for the United Dairymen of Arizona.  She shares her story and offers encouragements to others working in the trenches hoping to get to their dream job one day.  Additionally, we talk about some of the key issues facing the dairy industry, including trade, immigration, and animal care practices.

Episode 7 – Drones and the Law (Paul Goeringer).  As technology changes, sometimes the law fails to keep up.  This is the topic of my discussion with Paul Goeringer, ag law specialist with the University of Maryland.  We discuss the regulations applicable to anyone flying a drone as well as the privacy and property right concerns arising from landowners over whose property drones are flying.  It is an interesting area of law, and one that I suspect we will see popping up more and more.

Episode 8 – Settling Estates:  Probate and Alternatives to Probate (James Decker).  Without question, this is the funniest episode of the podcast yet, despite the seriousness of the topic.  Within the first 24 hours, we had over 300 downloads to hear James discuss the probate process in Texas and various alternatives to probating a well.  He offers key advice, including “die with a will, it’s easier on everybody,” an ode to the Allsup’s burritos that were seriously served at his wedding reception, and an in-depth analysis of his favorite chicken fried steak.

Episode 9 – Exempt Wells (Jesse Richardson).  Exempt wells are a topic that many people may not be familiar with, but Jesse Richardson has made it his mission to cure that problem.  There is no one who enjoys this topic more than Jesse, a professor at West Virginia University School of Law.  As he explains, exempt wells raise important issues not only related to water rights, but also to land use and development, rural economies, and more.

Episode 10 – Immigration Law (Sarah Thomas).  This is a topic that I am particularly interested in myself, so I was excited to have Sarah Thomas, a New Mexico attorney who specializes in business immigration, on the show.  Sarah and I discuss various immigration issues, including how employers should handle I9 forms and what businesses should do in the event that ICE or DHS comes knocking.  Sarah is extremely knowledgeable and she offers very practical advice for all employers to consider.



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