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Court Holds Insurance Pollution Clause Excludes Coverage for Manure Contamination

Judge Thomas Rice of the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Washingon issued a ruling earlier this month that is important for agricultural producers to be aware of when purchasing liability insurance policies.  Specifically, Judge Rice held that when a Washington dairy was sued for contaminating drinking water with manure, its insurance company was justified in denying coverage based upon absolute pollution exclusion clauses in the dairy’s policies. Background Long-time readers of this blog may remember the underlying case involved in this insurance coverage dispute.  The… Read More →

July 14, 2017 Weekly Round Up

I hope everyone is staying cool this summer!  Here are some of the ag law stories in the news this week. *Preparing to successfully transition the farm or ranch to the next generation.  For many farm and ranch families, the goal is to keep the farm involved in agriculture and in the hands of the family for generations to come.  This week, I had my friend Shannon Ferrell on the podcast to discuss farm and ranch transition planning.  This is a topic that affects every single farm and… Read More →

October 14, 2016 Weekly Round Up

Happy Friday!  We’re almost halfway through October…not sure where the time goes.  Here are some of the ag law stories in the news this week. *Deadline coming soon for Pasture, Range, and Forage insurance.  November 15 is the deadline to sign up for Pasture, Range and Forage (“PRF” also commonly called “rainfall”) insurance.  This insurance is essentially a way for farmers and ranchers to insure a certain amount of rainfall and to recover an indemnity payment if actual rainfall in their area fall below that amount.  Land eligible is… Read More →

Wisconsin Insurance Case Offers Important Lessons for Ag Operators

A recent Wisconsin Supreme Court decision has gained the attention of agricultural law attorneys across the country.  In this case, Wilson Mutual Insurance Co. v. Falk, the Court found that a dairy farmer who allegedly caused groundwater contamination by spreading manure on his fields was not covered by a farm liability insurance policy.  Although only binding law in Wisconsin, this case raises an important issue that all farmers and ranchers need to be aware of and carefully evaluate the potential applicability to their operation.  [Read full opinion here.] Background The Falks… Read More →