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Avoid and Survive Undercover Video Investigations on the Farm: Responding to a Crisis Situation

This is the final post in our three-part series initially published in Dairy Herd Management magazine.  In case you missed them, here are links to Part 1 and Part 2. Today, we will focus on how agriculture operations can prepare to and respond during a crisis situation.  These tips are useful not only for situations involving undercover videos, but for any crisis situation. First, there are numerous actions to consider before a crisis occurs: 1. Have a crisis response team in place. Before a crisis situation, assemble a crisis… Read More →

Avoid and Survive Undercover Video Investigations on the Farm: Policies and Training

On Monday, we outlined practices an agricultural operator can take to avoid hiring undercover activists. Today, in Part 2 of our series, we focus on what operators should do after hiring employees with regard to developing written policies and training procedures. It is recommended that agriculture operations put all policies in writing, ensure necessary equipment is available, conduct ongoing training, and monitor employees to be sure policies are followed. 1.  Develop detailed animal care and handling policies. Topics to consider include general animal handling, dealing with downed animals, euthanasia procedures, and identifying… Read More →

Avoid and Survive Undercover Video Investigations on the Farm: Hiring Practices

Recently, I did a three-part series for Dairy Herd Management magazine discussing avoiding and surviving undercover video investigations on agriculture operations.  Particularly in light of the Idaho “ag gag” statute being stricken as unconstitutional, this is an important and timely issue.  We will be sharing the articles over the next couple of weeks and will address hiring practices, training procedures, and what to do if a crisis does occur. Importantly, an initial disclaimer.  I, along with the vast majority of folks involved in production agriculture am adamantly against… Read More →