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Online Courses

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Owning Your Piece of Texas: Key Laws Texas Landowners Need to Know (July 2021)

Online Ranchers Leasing Workshop  (April 2020)



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Eminent Domain in Texas: A Landowner’s Guide (March 2020)

Owing Your Piece of Texas – Key Laws Texas Landowners Need to Know (May 2019)

Five Strands: A Landowner’s Guide to fence Law in Texas (February 2017) (co-authored with Jim Bradbury and Kyle Weldon)

Ranchers Agricultural Leasing Handbook: Grazing, Hunting, & Livestock Leases (June 2016) (co-authored with Shannon Ferrell, Rusty Rumley, & Paul Goeringer)

Petroleum Production on Agricultural Lands in Texas: Managing Risks and Opportunities (February 2016) (co-authored with Shannon Ferrell & Rusty Rumley)


Fact Sheets

On-Site Brush Pile Burning in Texas (November 2020) (co-authored with Morgan Treadwell and Chase Brooke)

50-State Survey: Landowner Liability for Pesticide Drift (January 2020) (co-authored with Hannes Zetzsche)

Texas Agricultural Law Resources (May 2019)

How Landowners Can Protect Themselves from Liability  (September 2018)

Determining Mineral Ownership in Texas  (September 2018)

Cattle Traceability: Potential Legal Implications (August 2018) (co-authored with Elizabeth Rumley)

 Negotiating a Fair Cash Lease Rate in Texas (March 2018)

Outline for Analyzing Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Regulation: Applicability for Agriculture (February 2018) (co-authored with Elizabeth Rumley)

Basics of Texas Water Law (January 2018)

Texas Landowner’s Guide to the Endangered Species Act (January 2018) (co-authored with Dr. John M. Tomacek and Kathryn Smith-Hicks)

Estimating Tax Liability Using Stepped Up Basis (December 3, 2017) (co-authored with Dr. Terry Griffin)

Potential Spray Drift Damage: What Steps to Take? (November 2017)

The Difference Between an ICE Audit & an ICE Raid: Are You Prepared? (October 2017) (co-authored with Dr. Ellen Jordan)

Prescribed Burning: Liability and Insurance Considerations (August 2017) (co-authored with Dr. Morgan Russell)

Selling Grain in Texas: What are the Risks (October 2016) (co-authored with Dr. Mark Welch)

Texas Agritourism Act FAQs (October 2016)

Solar Lease Considerations for Landowners (July 2016)

Child Labor Laws & Agriculture (May 2016)

The Veterinary Feed Directive: What Producers Need To Know (January 2016)

Farm Employers and Form I-9 Compliance (September 2015)

Syngenta Corn Lawsuit: Answers to Producers’ Questions (April 2015)

What Farmers Need to Know About Seed Saving Laws (April 2015)

Overview of the Endangered Species Act (November 2014)

Texas Pipeline Easement Negotiation Checklist (June 2014)

Texas Hunting Lease Checklist (May 2014)

Texas Grazing Lease Checklist (May 2014)


Recorded Webinars/ Appearances on Other Podcasts

TSCRA Talk Podcast, Hunting Leases (April 2021)

Capital Farm Credit Facebook Lunch and Learn, 2020 Ag Law Year in Review (December 2020)

Gillespie County Wildlife Management Association Meeting, Hunting Lease Considerations (October 2020)

Texas Range Webinar Series, Texas Fence Law (October 2020)

Capital Farm Credit Facebook Lunch and Learn, Correcting the Coffee Shop Law (October 2020)

Ag Law Today with Cari Rincker, Fence Law (August 2020)

Dr. J’s Beef Podcast, Agricultural Law (July 2020)

East Texas New Landowner Series, Key Laws for New Landowners (July 2020)

Capital Farm Credit Facebook Lunch and Learn, Ag Leases 101 (July 2020)

Texas Nursery & Landscape Association The Green Report Podcast, Tiffany Dowell Lashmet of the Texas Agricultural Law Blog (June 2020)

Texas Wildlife Association Annual Convention, Landowner Liability Protections (July 2020)

Andrew & Andrew Texas Criminal Defense Podcast, “Cultivating Under the Law” (May 2020)

TSCRA Webinar, Landowner Liability (May 2020)

Montague County Extension Webinar, Eminent Domain (May 2020)

Maryland Risk Management Education Blog, Estate Planning in the Time of COVID-19 (April 2020)

TAMU AgriLife Extension Digital Education Series, Blogs Podcasts & Social Media, Oh My! (April 2020)

TSCRA Talks, Estate Planning in Five Steps (March 2020)

Progressive Cattle Podcast, New Year Suggestions (January 2020)

Ag Law Today with Cari Rincker, Landowner Liability Protections (November 2019)

TAMU Video Summary of USDA Interim Final Hemp Rule (November 2019)

Windmill Wisdom: Preserving the Legacy of Texas Lands (August 2019)

Ranchcast Podcast (March 2019)

Sorghum Stories Podcast (March 2019)

The Eminent Domain Podcast, Ranching and Eminent Domain (February 2019)

Blackland Farmer Podcast, Eminent Domain Basics (February 2019)

Ag Law Today with Cari Ricker, Grazing Leases (September 2018)

Strengthening Your Program with Blogs, Podcasts & Social Media (August 2018)

Ranchers Agricultural Leasing Webinar (August 2018)

Water Wars in the United States Supreme Court: Why Should Agriculture Care? (co-presented with Jesse J. Richardson) (May 2018)

Overview of Texas Water Law – Texas Alliance for Water Conservation Water College (January 2018)

From Farm Fields to Courthouses: Legal Issues Surrounding Pesticide Drift– hosted by Ag and Food Law Consortium (November 2017)

Texas Fence Law Webinar – hosted by TSCRA (March 2017)

Leasing Agricultural Land: Grazing, Hunting, and Livestock Leases – hosted by Ag and Food Law Consortium (August 2016)

Ranching in Oil & Gas Country: Rangeland Challenges (August 2016)

The Right to Farm: Where Have We Been and Where Are We Going (April 2016)

Texas Water Law: Basic Concepts and Current Issues (July 2015)


Law Review Articles/Peer Reviewed Journals

Agriculture and the Clean Water Act_ WOTUS Groundwater and More WOTUS and Agriculture, A.B.A. Natural Res. & Env’t (2019) (co-authored with Jesse J. Richardson, Jr.)

Texas Exempt Wells:  Where Does Fracking Fit?, 55 Nat. Res. J. 239 (Spring 2015) (co-authored with Amber Miller)

You Can Lead Livestock to Water…A Survey of Exempt Livestock Wells in the West, 17 U. Denv. Water L. Rev. 1 (Fall 2013)

The Implications of Bounds v. State of New Mexico, J. of Contemporary Water Research & Educ. (2012) (co-authored with Jesse Richardson)

Understanding & Interpreting Right to Farm Laws, 26 A.B.A. Natural Res. & Env’t 39 (Agriculture Issue, Summer 2011)

Daddy Won’t Sell the Farm:  Drafting Right to Farm Statutes to Protect Small Family Producers, 18 San Joaquin Agric. L. Rev. 127 (2009)


Continuing Legal Education Papers

What’s New on the Farm:  The Texas Farm Animal Liability Act, State Bar of Texas Advanced Real Estate Law Course (2021)

Understanding Equine Activity Liability Exposure & Minimizing Risk, 14th Annual John Huffaker Agricultural Law Course (2021) (co-authored with Alicia Meinzer)

Obama, Trump & Biden: Where are we now on regulation of federal waters under the Clean Water Act, State Bar of Texas 14th Annual John Huffaker Agricultural Law Course (2021) (co-authored with Jim Bradbury, Courtney Cox Smith, Paul Goeringer

Agriculture and the Clean Water Act: WOTUS and Agriculture, American Agricultural Law Association Conference (2019) (co-authored with Jesse J. Richardson, Jr.)

Texas Fence Law and Liability for Livestock on the Road, State Bar of Texas Summer School (2019) (co-authored with Lauren Thomas)

Overview of Texas Fencing Laws, State Bar of Texas 13th Annual John Huffaker Agricultural Law Course (2019) (co-authored with Lauren Thomas)

Farm and Ranch Leases, State Bar of Texas 12th Annual John Huffaker Agricultural Law Course (2018) (co-authored with Shannon Ferrell)

Landowner Liability Statutes, State Bar of Texas 10th Annual John Huffaker Agricultural Law Course (2016)

One If By Land, Two If By Sea, Three If By Air:  The Changing Face of Environmental Regulation of Production Agriculture, State Bar of Texas 10th Annual John Huffaker Agricultural Law Course (2016) (co-authored with Shannon Ferrell)

Big Data and Drones on the Farm, State Bar of Texas 9th Annual John Huffaker Agricultural Law Course (2015) (co-authored with Shannon Ferrell)

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