Ag Law in the Field Podcast – Episodes 41-50

If you haven’t listened to our award-winning Ag Law in the Field Podcast yet, you are missing out!  Don’t let technology scare you–I promise it’s not hard to listen in.  You can listen on your smart phone’s podcast app or on iTunes, or you can listen on your computer.  Below, if you simply click on the title for each episode, that will take you directly to that episode page.  All you have to do is just click the black triangle (the “play” button) and you’ll be off and running.  You can also visit our website to look through all of the available episodes by clicking here.

In case you may have missed them, here is a rundown of the most recent episodes, numbers 41-50 of the Ag Law in the Field Podcast, along with links to the website and show notes for each one as well.   [If you missed the recap of Episodes 1-10, click here, for the recap of Episodes 11-20, click here, for the recap of Episodes 21-30, click here, and for the recap of Episodes 31-40, click here.]

As always, I want to produce content that listeners find interesting, so if you have any topic suggestions, feel free to let me know!

Episode #41: David Waggoner (Buying and Selling Property).  This is one of our most practical episodes we’ve done.  David Waggoner is an attorney and title company owner in Central Texas and he walks us through a step-by-step overview of what happens between an offer to purchase to property to signing the final deed.  We also look at some key considerations and issues that come up when people are purchasing rural property in Texas.

Episode #42:  Erin Herbold-Swalwell (Farm Leases).  Who knows more about farm leases than an Iowa farm girl-turned-attorney.  Erin Herbold-Swalwell joined me to walk through some key issues that come up in row crop leases and offer our tips for negotiating this type of lease agreement.

Episode #43:  Ashley Ellixson (Right to Farm Laws).  Right to farm laws is an agricultural law topic near and dear to my heart.  My friend, Ashley Ellixson, joins me to talk about what these laws do and discuss some important differences between state approaches to these laws.  Given the nuisance cases in the news recently from North Carolina, this was a timely podcast to give folks some background on this issue.

Episode #44: Alicia Meinzer (Equine Liability & Risk Management).  This was a topic I get lots of questions on, so I decided a podcast episode would be helpful.  Who better to talk about equine law than someone who has raised, ridden, and trained horses?  Weatherford-based attorney, Alicia Meinzer, offered so many great tips and considerations for horse owners, boarders, and trainers to protect themselves from liability.  Everyone involved in the horse industry needs to tune in to this episode.

Episode #45: Trace Blair (TX Landowner Liability Statutes).  Landowner liability is one of my most requested speaking topics.  Did you know there are three statutes in Texas especially designed to protect Texas landowners if certain people are injured on their property?  Trace Blair, a trial lawyer from Jourdonton, TX, joined me to walk us through each of these three statutes.

Episode #46: Brianna Schroeder (Consumer Impact on Livestock Production).  One of my favorite sessions at our American Ag Law Association Conference featured Brianna Schroeder discussing how consumer preferences are driving livestock production practices on the farm level.  It was really interesting to think about this issue and the impacts it could have on production ag in the years to come.

Episode #47: Paul Goeringer (2018 Year in Review).  As we do each year, Paul Goeringer and I chat about the biggest ag law issues from the last 365 days.  This episode was current for approximately 48 hours before things started changing, but it will give listeners a good overview of the key ag law cases and issues from 2018.

Episode #48: Jake  Parker (North Carolina Nuisance Litigation Update).  One of our most popular shows from 2018 was North Carolina Farm Bureau’s Jake Parker who came on the show to give us a detailed discussion about the nuisance litigation and how that is impacting the North Carolina industry.  Jake is back to give us an update on the third and fourth trials that occurred, and to give us some idea of where these cases may be headed on appeal.

Episode #49: Jara Settles (Electronic Logging Devices & Hauling Regulations).  I never pick favorites, but as far as a guest who flat out knows her stuff and does a great job of explaining an important issue, it’s hard to beat Jara Settles, General Counsel from the Livestock Marketing Association.  Jara talks us through the federal law related to commercial drivers licenses, hours of service, and electronic logging devices.  If you want great nuts-and-bolts advice from someone know knows an issue backwards and forwards, this is the show for you!

Episode #50: Judd Gardner (2018 Farm Bill Overview).  Judd Gardner is my go-to when it comes to guest for the Farm Bill.  Judd is a senate staffer for Sen. Jerry Moran from Kansas and is great about explaining farm policy in a way that regular folks can understand.  In this episode, he walks us through the major changes in the 2018 Farm Bill.



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