Ag Law in the Field Podcast: Episodes 71-80

If you haven’t listened to our award-winning Ag Law in the Field Podcast yet, what are you waiting for?  Every episode I interview an ag lawyer or other expert on an agricultural law topic.  These audio files are free to listen and hear my chats with some of the absolute best in the business of ag law.

Don’t let the technology scare you–I promise it is really easy to listen to these episodes  You can listen on your smart phone’s podcast app or on iTunes, or you can listen on your computer.  Below, if you simply click on the title for each episode, that will take you directly to that episode page.  All you have to do is just click the black triangle (the “play” button) and you’ll be off and running.  You can also visit our website to look through all of the available episodes by clicking here.

In case you may have missed them, below is a rundown of the most recent episodes, along with links to the website and show notes for each one as well.   [If you missed the recap of Episodes 1-10, click here, for the recap of Episodes 11-20, click here, for the recap of Episodes 21-30, click here, for the recap of Episodes 31-40, click here, for the recap of Episodes 41-50, click here, for the recap of Episodes 51-60, click here, and finally, for the recap of Episodes 61-70, click here.]

As always, I want to produce content that listeners find interesting, so if you have any topic suggestions, feel free to let me know!


Episode #71: Pat Dillon (Capital Gains Taxes in Agriculture).  Let me warn you and apologize that the audio on this episode was not great.  However, the content is excellent as Pat does a great job of breaking down this important issue.  The potential of capital gains taxes should be considered anytime property may be sold and is really critical in making the best estate plan possible.

Episode #72: Victoria Whitehead (Groundwater Conservation Districts).  Texas water law is unique, and Groundwater Conservation Districts are a key feature to how groundwater law functions in the state.  This episode is a great conversation with Victoria about the history, purpose, and function of GCDs in Texas.

Episode #73:  Garrett Couts (Transfer on Death Deeds v. Lady Bird Deeds).  This is one our most popular episodes so far in 2020.  Lubbock-based attorney, Garrett Couts, visits with us about these two estate planning documents to highlight what they are, the differences between them, and the pros and cons of each.

Episode #74: Michael Fielding (Dealing with Distressed Agricultural Loans).  In our first ag finance-related episode, Kansas City attorney, Michael Fielding, joined me to talk about how to deal with distressed agricultural loans.  This is, unfortunately, an issue facing many farmers and ranchers across America.  Michael did a great job offering different tips, tricks, and considerations for folks in this situation.

Episode #75: Cassie Gresham (Special Use Property Tax Valuation).  The topic of special use property tax valuation, whether for agricultural or wildlife uses is one that I get a ton of questions on each year.  The difference in qualifying for the special use valuation can be astronomical, so this is a topic that every Texas landowner should be up to speed on.  We were fortunate to have Cassie Gresham join us on the show to offer her thoughts after years of experience representing clients on this issue around the state.

Episode #76: Tave Doty & Rick Sanchez (Intellectual Property).  Intellectual property is an interesting and complex are of the law.  Tave Doty and Rick Sanchez are IP attorneys who work in the areas of patents, copyrights, and trademarks.  We were thrilled to have them join us to talk about key IP issues facing those of us involved in agriculture.

Episode #77: Brandon Davis & Nate Huff (Impact of COVID-19 on H-2A Program & Labor Law).  As the pandemic hit, many farmers who rely on H-2A workers in order to cultivate and harvest crops found themselves in the midst of uncertainty.  Brandon Davis & Nate Huff are two of the nationwide experts on the H-2A program and agriculture, and they were kind enough to join me to talk about the impact of the virus on agricultural labor.

Episode #78: Shannon Ferrell (Wind Leases).  He’s back!  Shannon is one of everyone’s favorite ag law professors and wind leases is one of his favorite topics, so this was a win-win for everyone!  He did a great job of talking about some of the key legal considerations for people interested in wind energy leasing.

Episode #79: Kitt Tovar (Estate, Gift & Inheritance Tax).  Passing the family operation from one generation to the next is a dream of many involved in agriculture.  Understanding the potential impacts of estate, gift and inheritance taxes is a key component to ensuring that successful transfer.  Kitt Tovar, a Staff Attorney at the Iowa State Center for Ag Law and Taxation, walked us through the various considerations related to these taxes.

Episode #80: Jesse Richardson & Anthony Schutz (SCOTUS Decision in Maui County v. Hawaii Wildlife Fund).  Anytime you can have law professors Jesse Richardson and Anthony Schutz discussing a topic, you’re guaranteed to have both brilliance and hilariousness ensue. These two water and environmental law experts joined me to break down the SCOTUS opinion in the Maui County Clean Water Act case, and it was just as good as I was hoping!

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