Ag Law in the Field Podcast: Episodes 61-70

If you haven’t listened to our award-winning Ag Law in the Field Podcast yet, you are missing out!  Every episode I interview an ag lawyer or other expert on an agricultural law topic.  These audio files are free to listen and hear my chats with some of the absolute best in the business of ag law.

Don’t let the technology scare you–I promise it’s not hard to listen in.  You can listen on your smart phone’s podcast app or on iTunes, or you can listen on your computer.  Below, if you simply click on the title for each episode, that will take you directly to that episode page.  All you have to do is just click the black triangle (the “play” button) and you’ll be off and running.  You can also visit our website to look through all of the available episodes by clicking here.

In case you may have missed them, below is a rundown of the most recent episodes,  along with links to the website and show notes for each one as well.   [If you missed the recap of Episodes 1-10, click here, for the recap of Episodes 11-20, click here, for the recap of Episodes 21-30, click here, for the recap of Episodes 31-40, click here, for the recap of Episodes 41-50, click here, and for the recap of Episodes 51-60, click here.]

As always, I want to produce content that listeners find interesting, so if you have any topic suggestions, feel free to let me know!

Episode #61: John Dillard (Food Safety & Traceability): If you’re curious about what terms like “block chain” and “hole genome sequencing” mean, John Dillard, a Washington, DC-based attorney is here to help answer your questions! John walks us through some of the technological and legal developments related to food safety and tractability.

Episode #62: Rebecca Wann (Crop Insurance): Crop insurance is an extremely important tool for farmers.  Rebecca Wann, a crop insurance agent here in Texas, joined me on the show to talk through the basics of crop insurance, different types of coverage, and tips or working with your crop insurance agent.

Episode #63: Benjamin Needham (Boots on the Ground View of Surface Use Agreements):  Benjamin Needham works daily on behalf of Texas landowners dealing with oil and gas development on their land.  In this episode, Ben talked about some lessons learned in the trenches and offered tips for what should be included in an oil and gas lease or a surface use agreement.

Episode #64: J Pete Laney (2019 TX Legislature Key Bills for Ag):  J Pete Laney joined me to talk through some of the key bills for agriculture that came out of the 2019 legislative session.  From hemp to new regulations related to wind leases to feral hogs to rollback taxes, J Pete give us the scoop from Austin.

Episode #65: Kristen Porter (Elder Law):  This is one of my favorite podcast episodes to date.  Kristen Porter is an elder law attorney in Texas and she offered so much practical, important advice for people looking at issues like estate planning, long term care, and medicaid qualification and recovery.  This is a topic that is critical to farm and ranch families and I cannot recommend this podcast episode strongly enough.

Episode #66: Jason Hill (TX Surface Water Law FAQs): I frequently get questions related to surface water.  Do I need a permit?  How do I know if water on my property is state-owned or not?  What is a “navigable stream” and how does that affect me?  Jason Hill came on the show to answer all of these frequently asked questions!

Episode #67: Kyle Weldon (TX Fence Law):  Fence law is one of my very favorite topics and I was excited to have Kyle Weldon join me to chat about these interesting and important legal issues.  Kyle and I helped co-author a book on Texas fence law, and we enjoy walking through some of the common legal issues and major cases.

Episode #68: SCOTUS Oral Argument Recap:  In November, I had the incredible opportunity to attend oral argument on a water law case at the Supreme Court of the United States.  Several of my ag law friend went as well, so this episode features several of us sharing our thoughts about attending the argument, major issues we saw in the case, and our prediction for how the Court will rule.

Episode #69: Shannon Ferrell (Transition Planing & Lessons from the S Lazy  H):  Shannon Ferrell is the ag economics professor everyone wants to have.  Recently, one of his students did a really interesting research project looking at the liklihood of successful farm transition to the next generation through the lens of the popular country music song, S Lazy H.

Episode #70: Paul Goeringer (2019 Year in Review): Every year, Paul Goeringer and I join forces for a joint podcast on the top ag law issues of the year.  Listen in to hear our take on the biggest ag law stories of 2019.

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