Ag Law in the Field Podcast – Episodes 51-60

If you haven’t listened to our award-winning Ag Law in the Field Podcast yet, you are missing out!  Every episode I interview an ag lawyer or other expert on an agricultural law topic.  These audio files are free to listen and hear my chats with some of the absolute best in the business.

Don’t let the technology scare you–I promise it’s not hard to listen in.  You can listen on your smart phone’s podcast app or on iTunes, or you can listen on your computer.  Below, if you simply click on the title for each episode, that will take you directly to that episode page.  All you have to do is just click the black triangle (the “play” button) and you’ll be off and running.  You can also visit our website to look through all of the available episodes by clicking here.

In case you may have missed them, below is a rundown of the most recent episodes, numbers 51-60 of the Ag Law in the Field Podcast, along with links to the website and show notes for each one as well.   [If you missed the recap of Episodes 1-10, click here, for the recap of Episodes 11-20, click here, for the recap of Episodes 21-30, click here, for the recap of Episodes 31-40, click here, and for the recap of Episodes 41-50, click here.]

As always, I want to produce content that listeners find interesting, so if you have any topic suggestions, feel free to let me know!

Episode #51: Jim Bradbury (WOTUS Update).  Jim has been on the show so often, he’s just about to earn co-host credit.  This episode is an update about the status of the definition of “Waters of the United States.”  Jim talks about the new proposed Trump rule and how that rule differs from the 2015 Obama rule.  Things change so fast, it’s just about time to have another update on this topic.

Episode #52: Zach Brady (Eminent Domain FAQs).  This has been our most popular episode this year, and for good reason.  Zach Brady is one of the most well-known eminent domain attorneys in Texas.  This episode walks through some of the most frequently asked questions about eminent domain and provides critical information for landowners facing the potential condemnation of property.

Episode #53: Advice for Potential Law Students.  I get lots of questions from people potentially interested in going to law school and/or becoming an ag lawyer.  First off, I’m happy to field every single one of those questions because I had so many kind people who did the same for me.  So if that’s you, please contact me!  Also, please listen to this episode.  I pulled together a top notch panel to talk all about advice for future law students and ag lawyers.  We’ve got Cari Rincker who has her own firm with offices in New York City and Illinois; Amber Miller, a partner at a firm in Lubbock, TX; Jennifer Zwagerman, a professor at Drake University School of Law; and Austin Vincent, a currently law student at Texas Tech University.

Episode #54: Stephanie Bradley Fryer (Trusts).  Trusts are a topic that I think people are often confused about.  What are they?  Do I need one?  What are the pros and cons?  Texas attorney Stephanie Bradley Fryer helps us answer all of these questions on this episode of the show.

Episode #55: Anthony Schutz (Clean Water Act).  I say all the time that I wish I could go back to law school just to take classes from University of Nebraska Professor, Anthony Schutz.  He came on to visit about the basics of the Clean Water Act and agriculture and if you’re interested in environmental and/or water law, this is an episode for you.

Episode #56: Kate Ziehm (A Not So Fun Topic…).  This episode arose from a reader suggestion to have Kate Ziehm of Morning Ag Clips on the show after reading an article she did on the importance of financial planning for disaster in agriculture.  Kate talked about what she learned from several farm widows and highlights the importance of these often difficult, but important conversations.

Episode #57: Shayna Dorsey (Insurance).  If you ask me, insurance is the single easiest, most overlooked way to protect your agricultural operation from disaster.  Ensuring you have sufficient and proper liability and property insurance coverage is something that every agricultural landowner and tenant needs to take time to do.  I asked Shayna Dorsey from Olive Insurance Agency to help talk us through the basics.

Episode #58: Jim Bradbury & Jesse Richardson (Pros and Cons of Conservation Easements).  I can’t overstate my level of excitement to have two of my friends, mentors, and brilliant legal minds on the podcast to debate the issue of conservation easements.  Jim Bradbury and Jesse Richardson offered great perspectives on the pros and cons of conservation easements, and I’d really encourage anyone to listen to this episode because the topic is great and because Jim and Jesse are hilarious.

Episode #59: Alli Condra (Food Law).  Food law is not a topic that’s in my wheelhouse, so I went out and found one of the best in the country to talk about some of the hot topics in this area.  Alli Condra’s episode has been hugely popular and has really changed how I look at food labels and advertising.

Episode #60: Parks Brown (Solar Lease Agreements).  Ask and you shall receive.  After numerous calls and emails seeking info about solar lease agreements, I got my friend and one of top landowner attorneys in the state on renewable leases, Parks Brown, to sit down and talk all things solar.  I’ve had several people tell me they would have paid big bucks for this episode prior to signing their solar lease agreements.

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