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Rain and Square Loss

Scouting fields this week we are finding each field is different from the next. Much of this has to do with how the rain affected the field. If the water got off the field or did not stand for too many days, the crop was better off. Fields that held water are more likely to have square losses. Many of these fields have lost the larger squares leaving fruit smaller than match-head square. An example of this is shown. I removed the leaves showing the lower four squares have… Read More →

Rain and its Impact on Crop Fertility

We have received rain in great amounts over the past few weeks. This morning, my rain gauge is full, and it’s still raining. Many fields have received over 10 inches of rainfall over the past few days. One question I have received is: “What is this rain going to do with our fertilizer?” The nutrient of greatest concern should be Nitrogen.  This is because of denitrification and the water solubility of Nitrogen. “Gaseous loss of nitrogen takes place by denitrification or ammonia volatilization. Denitrification is a process through… Read More →

Soil Testing Time in South Texas

The Mid-Coast IPM Program is equipped to soil test with a hydraulic soil probe that samples to a depth of 24″.  Since 2013, we have sampled fields in Calhoun, Refugio, and Victoria Counties and found soil nitrogen levels ranging between 11 and 168 lbs N per acre. This can be a opportunity to reducing costs without affecting yields. Average fields can save $15-$20 by reducing fertilizer rates based on soil tests to 24″. You may find this service from several different sources including your IPM program in Calhoun,… Read More →

It’s Soil Testing Time in South Texas!

The Soil Fertility Experts at Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service recommend soil testing fields for soil available nitrogen annually to a depth of 24 inches. The Mid-Coast IPM Program is equipped to soil test with a hydraulic soil probe that samples to a depth of 24″.  The cost for the IPM soil testing program is $2 per acre with a minimum of $45 per field. Contact Stephen Biles: 361-552-3324 (Office) 361-920-1138 (Mobile) or biles-sp@tamu.edu Since 2013, we sampled fields in Calhoun Refugio and Victoria Counties and found soil… Read More →

South Texas Farm & Ranch Show – October 24-25

The South Texas Farm and Ranch Show will be held October 24 & 25 at the Victoria Community Center in Victoria, Texas. This is an excellent opportunity to learn about the latest management tactics for agriculture production on the farm and ranch. A special session Wednesday from 7-10 am will be held to discuss insect resistance to Bt crops and Soil Fertility in row crops. As many as 12 CEUs are available for Texas Pesticide Applicators Licenses. The full schedule can be found HERE