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Stink Bugs in Soybean Fields

Over the past week we have been finding increased numbers of stink bugs in soybean fields.  Most of these stink bugs were green, southern green and red-banded stink bugs. My preferred method to scout for stink bugs is the sweep net, but a good alternative is the drop cloth. As a last resort, you can shake the plants over the furrow and see what falls onto the ground. The disadvantage of shaking on the ground is you may miss some of the insects that can fall into cracks… Read More →

Stink Bugs in Soybeans

Soybeans fields are blooming and setting pods. This means they are in the most susceptible stage for yield and quality losses from stink bugs. We have been running through soybean fields and finding a few stink bugs. So far, we have yet to find stink bugs at threshold levels but all fields should be inspected weekly for stink bugs. There are several species of stink bugs capable of causing yield loss including green, southern green, brown and red banded stink bugs. The most damaging stink bug we are… Read More →

Insects in the Field this Week – 5/12/07

There are a number of insects to be on the lookout for this week in the Grain Sorghum, Cotton and Soybeans of the Texas Coast. Grain Sorghum Grain sorghum fields vary widely with regard to crop maturity. The older fields are blooming and the youngest fields are 4-6 leaf. All sorghum fields should be monitored weekly for insect pests. The one insect that can cause problems season long is the Sugarcane Aphid. I have found them in low numbers along field margins and expect to see populations rise… Read More →