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Thrips and Fleahoppers in Some Cotton Fields

This week while scouting cotton fields in Calhoun, Refugio, and Victoria Counties, we have found thrips, cotton fleahopper, and aphids. A few young cotton fields have thrips above economic levels of 1-2 per true leaf. This is not a comment I am fond of making because, I rarely think of thrips as an economic pest in cotton fields of the Mid-Coast. The problem we are seeing is more of a factor of lack of rainfall than the presence of thrips. In most years, our cotton fields are growing… Read More →

Early Season Cotton IPM

The oldest cotton in the Mid-Coast is squaring and the youngest is just emerging from the ground.  Pest management in early season is primarily focused on two or three insect pests: Thrips, Cotton Fleahopper and Aphids. It is important to consider the pest, its numbers and the crop stage when deciding whether or not to add an insecticide to the tank.  Even if it only costs $1, an unneeded tank partner will reduce crop profits. Thrips can be a yield limiting pest until the cotton plants have 4-5… Read More →

Early Season Cotton Pests

Cotton in the field is as old as 3-4 leaf stage. This year’s crop has already been through a lot of turmoil from high winds and blowing sand to cold temperatures in the 40s. Early season cotton insect pests include thrips, aphids and mites. Seed treatments are usually effective in controlling these pests but sometimes problems will still occur. We have found several fields in Calhoun County with mite problems. Mites feed on the underside of the leaf. They feed by piercing plant cells with their mouthparts and sucking… Read More →

Thrips IPM in Cotton

  Cotton is up on the coast of Texas and Thrips are the primary insect pest we will encounter until the plant gets 3-5 leaves.  Thrips are very small insects found on the underside of small leaves and in the plant terminal.  Thrips are slender, cigar shaped, straw colored insects about 1/15 inch long, with piercing and sucking mouthparts. Adults are winged and capable of drifting long distances in the wind. (Source) Thrips are early-season pests of seedling cotton. In much of the state, thrips are a minor pest, but… Read More →

Pest Management News – May 7, 2015

General Conditions This year looks like it will be full of challenges to profitable crop production. While rainfall is always welcome, excessive rainfall for an extended period of time can be as harmful as it is beneficial. Corn planted before the rain began in February may have suffered from the cold temperatures but most of it is up and looks fairly good. Much of the remaining crops are later than normal. Generally speaking, later planted crops tend to have more insect problems. In addition, weather issues can become… Read More →