Upcoming CEU / Auxin Training

In the next few weeks Extension will be hosting meetings for Pesticide Applicator CEUs and Trainings for application of Auxin herbicides. Auxin Training Mandatory training for applicators applying auxin specific products (Eugenia, XtendiMax, FeXapan, Enlist One, & Enlist Duo) January 22     9:00 am           Bonnieview Community Center (361-526-2825) January 23     9:00 am           Austwell Community Center (361-526-2825) January 24     9:00 am          Calhoun County Extension Office (361-552-9747) February 14   8:00 am           Victoria County Extension Office (361-575-4581)  Victoria Auxin Training Flier   Victoria County CEU Day Thursday, January 31, 2019… Read More →

South Texas Farm & Ranch Show – October 24-25

The South Texas Farm and Ranch Show will be held October 24 & 25 at the Victoria Community Center in Victoria, Texas. This is an excellent opportunity to learn about the latest management tactics for agriculture production on the farm and ranch. A special session Wednesday from 7-10 am will be held to discuss insect resistance to Bt crops and Soil Fertility in row crops. As many as 12 CEUs are available for Texas Pesticide Applicators Licenses. The full schedule can be found HERE

2018 Mid-Coast Cotton Variety Trial Results

The tables below are the results of the cotton variety trials from Calhoun and Refugio Counties. All of these trials were planted in small plots with a 2-row cone planter and harvested with a 1-row cotton picker. All of these fields were on 38″ rows. Plots were 2 rows by 30 feet. Means with the same letter (or no letter) to the right are not different (LSD, p=0.10).

Stink Bugs in Cotton and Soybeans

While many fields are harvest ready, stink bugs are potential pests in the cotton and soybean fields that have yet to reach maturity. Cotton should be scouted for stink bugs until 350 heat units, or approximately 15 days, after the field has cutout (<5 NAWF).  Scout by opening 20-25 one-inch bolls and inspecting the bolls for evidence of internal feeding. Treat a field with more than 20% evidence of internal feeding. Soybeans are susceptible to stink bug damage until the beans reach maturity. Some entomologists would say soybeans… Read More →

Sugarcane Aphids Above Threshold in Sorghum

While some sorghum fields in the Mid-Coast of Texas have already been harvested, the remaining fields should be inspected for Sugarcane Aphids (SCA). This week I have seen an increasing number of fields with treatable levels of aphids. Scout fields by walking at least 15-20 rows into the field and looking for honeydew on the plants. Two scouting methods can be followed depending on the threshold you plan on using. Once SCA are found in a field, use one of the following protocols to assess the need for… Read More →