Monthly Archives: June 2020

Nodes Above White Flower

Counting Nodes Above White Flower (NAWF) is a good way to monitor a cotton field’s maturity after bloom. The process is done by finding the first position white flower and counting the number of nodes (branches) above the branch with the white flower. The last node to count is the highest node with an unfurled main stem leaf (at least 1-inch wide). NAWF is useful for management of your cotton crop. By tracking NAWF, you can see how the crop is maturing compared to an expected growth curve. … Read More →

Pest Update and 2020 Insect Thresholds

This week we have been finding low numbers on insect pests in cotton, grain sorghum and soybeans. Cotton ranges from 1/3 grown square to mid-bloom. While most fields are below threshold, we have found a few fields with 30-40 cotton fleahoppers per 100 plants. Continue to monitor for cotton fleahoppers until bloom and treat when they exceed an economic threshold of 15 per 100 plants. Blooming cotton has had significant bollworm moth flights this week but so far, egg numbers have been low. Bollworms are important pests and should… Read More →

Southeast Regional Row Crop Initiative Grain & Cotton Marketing Update

Join us June 17, 2020 at 7:00 am Dr. Mark Welch – AgriLife Grain Marketing Specialist Dr. John Robinson – AgriLife Cotton Marketing Specialist Guest Speaker: David Gibson, Executive Director, Texas Corn Producers To Join Zoom Meeting Click Here: Meeting ID: 937 0559 2814 Password: 118219 SERRCI Flyer Invite

Coastal Bend Crop Updates

We have a new way for you to get IPM updates during the production season.  Extension Agents – IPM on the Texas Coast, Kate Crumley and Stephen Biles are now producing a weekly “podcast” you can hear on the internet. It is easy to sign up for text alerts which will send a text message when these are made available. Follow this LINK to get these updates.