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Fall Armyworms in Sorghum

Fall armyworms are being found in sorghum fields across the area this week.  While the feeding can be alarming, I have yet to find a field in need of treatment. Insecticide application may be justified if larval feeding reduces leaf area by more than 30 percent or is damaging the developing grain head or growing point within the whorl. The fields where I have found the armyworms had less than 5% infested plants and the feeding damage was below the economic threshold. Often, I was finding two or… Read More →

Mid-Coast Grain Sorghum Update

Grain sorghum maturity ranges from boot to soft dough.  Some fields are turning color. We are finding varying populations of Sorghum Midge in fields ranging from 0-5 per head.  Treatment thresholds are 0.5-1 midge per head depending on the number of flowering heads per acre. We are finding headworms in Refugio County sorghum fields ranging from 0-4 per head.  Many of these are fall armyworms.  The economic threshold for headworms ranges from 0.15 to 1 large worm (> 0.5 inch) per head.  For medium worms (0.25-0.5 inch) the ET… Read More →

Sorghum Midge, Stink bugs, Headworms, Aphids and more

We are currently finding a variety of different insects in sorghum fields across the Mid-Coast of Texas.  These pests include Sorghum Midge, Stink bugs, Headworms and Aphids. Field maturity is beginning to be a problem.  we are finding field maturity ranging from 5-7 leaf to soft dough.  Often these fields are near each other and will end up sharing pests from field to field.  Maturity between fields is one problem but some fields have significant differences in maturity across the field depending on where water stood after planting…. Read More →