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End of Season Pest Management Decision Making

Corn and Grain Sorghum harvest has begun on the Mid-Coast of Texas. Early yield reports are above average. While many Sorghum fields are no longer susceptible to the yield reducing impacts of insects, we must not forget the later fields. Stink bugs and headworms can impact sorghum yield and quality losses until hard dough or when the grain cannot be compressed between the fingers. Sugarcane aphids have been relatively low across the mid-coast this year with less than 30% of fields requiring treatment. Don’t forget these aphids after hard… Read More →

Cotton Aphids in Seedling Cotton

Cotton field maturity ranges from emergence to plants with 3-4 true leaves. Most fields are cotyledon to 1-true leaf. The normal insect pests we see in seedling cotton include thrips, cutworms, mites and aphids. When scouting seedling cotton plants, I usually pull a plant from the ground and look at the leaves for insects.  This week I have found Cotton Aphids in many fields.  Most of the aphids are winged, indicating they have recently arrived. But some plants have both winged and small wingless aphids. First, aphids are rarely yield limiting to seedling cotton plants.  Most… Read More →