Monthly Archives: May 2022

2022 Cotton Scout School

AgriLife Extension will hold a Cotton Scout School on Thursday, June 2. Time: 8 to 11 am Location: Jackson County Services Building in Edna, TX. Cost: $10 per person 2 TDA IPM CEUs. Let us know if you’ll be able to attend!

Pasture & Nutrition Field Day – June 7

As we ease into summer (or maybe blast into summer), it’s important for ranchers to take care of their pastures and herds in the areas of weed control, parasite management, herd nutrition and more.  Margins in the beef cattle industry are becoming tighter with rising input costs.  Through the use of generous sponsors, Texas A&M Agrilife Extension offices of Victoria, Jackson, and Calhoun have partnered to bring you this field day free of charge.  The sponsors include Purina Animal Nutrition, Corteva AgriScience, Texas A&M Agrilife Extension and the… Read More →

Cotton Insect Report

Cotton plant maturity ranges from 9-14 true leaves. We began seeing blooms in a few fields. The fields with blooms had 6-7 nodes above white flower, which shows the effect of drought stress. The water demand of a crop increases significantly as bloom nears and fruit production begins. If we do not get rainfall soon, expect to see wilting cotton fields in the afternoons. Fortunately, we have not seen insect pressure requiring insecticide applications. Cotton fleahoppers have been difficult to find in most fields. Few fields have more… Read More →

Scouting Clinic Monday, 5/23, 8:30 am

A cotton scouting clinic will be held Monday, May 23, at 8:30 am on FM 1679 and Sanders Rd. At this clinic we will discuss the current cotton growing conditions and the insect pests we expect to find and how to scout for them.

Bean Thrips in Soybeans

We have not been finding many insect pests in Soybean fields so far this season but there are a few things to keep an eye on. Wednesday I found Bean Thrips (Caliothrips phaseoli) in low numbers of less than 1 per leaflet on the leaves of soybean plants. The top 2 pictures show minimal feeding injury along the leaf veins. Bean Thrips can be found on the lower half of the plant first, and will move up the plant as populations increase. They tend to be found on… Read More →