Monthly Archives: September 2022

Fall Armyworm Management in Pastures

We are finding Fall Armyworms in many pastures and hay fields. In fields with above threshold numbers, this can reduce the hay yield or grass available for cattle grazing. I use a sweep net to sample and use an economic threshold of 25 worms per 5 sweeps. An alternative threshold is when worm counts exceed 2-3 per square foot. We sprayed an insecticide control trial last Wednesday near Port Lavaca (9/14/22). Results of the trial found most commonly used insecticides worked well. This includes pyrethroids like Lambda-Cyhalothrin, Lambda… Read More →

Grain Sorghum Hybrid Trial Results

The results of the 2022 Calhoun and Victoria counties grain sorghum hybrid trials are as follows: Calhoun County Grain Sorghum Hybrid Trial Victoria County Grain Sorghum Hybrid Trial Soil Testing needs to be done prior to fertilizing for next year’s crop. Give me a call to discuss soil sampling to 24″ for residual nitrogen. We can do the sampling and send the samples to TAMU Soil Testing Lab. Stephen Biles 361-552-9747