Monthly Archives: July 2016

End of Season Cotton Insect Management

Many mid-coast cotton fields have had open bolls for several weeks now.  The latest cotton is now at cutout, 5 nodes above white flower (NAWF).  The last of the insect pests we are concerned about in the recently cutout cotton fields is stink bugs. Stink bugs can cause economic losses until the field has reached 350 heat units after 5 NAWF.  Heat units are calculated by subtracting the average of the day’s high and low temperatures from 60.  This week’s forecast predicts highs of 94° and lows near… Read More →

Soil Testing for the 2017 Crop

Once the 2016 crop has been harvested, it is time to look at testing the soil for the nutrient content required for the next crop.  Extensive research has been done on soil testing over the past 20 years resulting in the recommendation of testing soil annually for nitrogen content to a depth of 24 inches. Sampling conducted recently in the Port Lavaca area found residual nitrogen levels as high as 134 lbs available nitrogen per acre.  In fields with clay or loam soils, the amount of nitrogen found… Read More →

Mid-Coast IPM Update

Harvest has begun for both grain sorghum and corn.  Thus far I have heard reports of sorghum yield ranging between 6000 and 7500 lbs/acre. Sugarcane aphids continue to be found in sorghum fields in relatively low numbers.  This insect can reduce yield until hard dough.  The aphid can contribute to harvest difficulty after black layer by producing sticky honeydew.  The honeydew can stick plant material together as it goes through the combine.  In worse cases, this can clog the feeder or cause grain to pass out of the… Read More →