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South Texas Audio Updates

We have been recording pest updates in effort to provide a brief audio version of South Texas newsletters and blog posts. The reports include crop production and pest management updated from South Texas, including the Rio Grande Valley, Coastal Bend and Mid-Coast. You can get these by following this link: Use this link for all IPM Audio Updates:

CEU Meeting April 27

The Calhoun County AgriLife Extension Office will have a meeting offering up to 6 hours of continuing education units for TDA Pesticide Applicators License. The meeting will be held Wednesday, April 27 at the Calhoun County Extension Auditorium (311 Henry Barber Way, Port Lavaca). Registration begins at 7:30 with the Last Chance CEU videos starting at 8 am. Cost is $20 The videos will run from 8-12 and 1-3. Lunch on your own 12-1. 2 hours Laws and Regulations 2 hours IPM 2 hours Drift Management / General

Scouting Clinic – Monday at 8:30

A cotton scouting clinic will be held Monday, April 25, at 8:30 am on FM 1679 and Sanders Rd. At this clinic we will discuss the current cotton growing conditions and the insect pests we expect to find and how to scout for them.

Seedling Cotton Pests

Cotton ranges from emerging to 3-4 leaf plants. Weather forecasts are not optimistic for rainfall so treating for insect pests of seedling cotton is not likely profitable. The pests we can expect to find on young cotton includes thrips, aphids, and mites. I have not seen fields with insect populations requiring management. Seed treatments are typically good for 3 weeks following planting and most fields are were planted more than three weeks ago. The water needs for the plants are not very high right now so the primary… Read More →