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2016 Sugarcane Aphid Watch for South and Central Texas

Robert Bowling, Stephen Biles, Danielle Sekula-Ortiz, and Kate Harrell Another season is upon us as farmers have begun seeding sorghum in the Lower Rio Grande Valley and Coastal Bend of Texas. Sorghum has emerged in the Valley and in some areas around Corpus Christi. Warm and dry conditions have made possible the early start to the season, especially when compared with the 2015 cropping year. How might these conditions influence sugarcane aphid infestations in sorghum? Sugarcane aphid reproduction is favored by hot and dry conditions. Currently, sugarcane aphids… Read More →

Last Chance for Comments on Transform Insecticide Section 18.

EPA is soliciting public comment before making a decision whether or not to grant the exemption.  Comments must be made before 11:59 pm February 11, 2016.  All sorghum producers are encouraged to submit their comments on the need for this emergency exemption to EPA at this website:  

Sorghum Planting Rates

Across the three counties in the Mid-Coast IPM Program, grain sorghum planting rates range from 40,000 to 120,000 seed per acre.  The ideal planting rate varies due to soils, rainfall, and row spacing.  A good starting place for planting sorghum is 65,000 seed per acre.   Sandy soils and lower rainfall averages usually need lower planting rates and heavier, clay soils and higher rainfall typically have higher seeding rates to obtain maximum yields. Field research has been conducted in fields in Calhoun, Refugio and Victoria Counties revealing different results. … Read More →

New Guide for Managing Soybean Insects in Texas

Texas A&M AgriLife Entomology has produced a new guide for managing the insect pests of soybeans. This guide was updated to reflect changes in pest management strategies as well as include many color pictures. One of the changes in this version is updated management tactics for stink bugs.  The economic threshold for stink bugs has changed with the red-banded stink bug becoming more prominent over the past decade. In addition to other changes, the tables of insecticides labeled for control if insect pests of soybeans was also updated… Read More →

Transform Comment Period for Sugarcane Aphid Control in Sorghum

The Section 18 (Emergency Exemption) for Transform Insecticide has entered the 15 day period for public comment.  It is important for sorghum growers to comment on the importance of this insecticide in their sorghum production.  Comments must be received by February 11, 2016. You can submit your comment by clicking HERE.