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Unique Production Season Ahead

When I first moved down to Port Lavaca, at a crop tour, growers were talking how much experience they had farming.  One replied he had “1 year experience, 40 times.” I think there is a lot of truth to that statement.  It seems each year presents it’s own production challenges. So how is 2020 different from other years? There are two obvious differences: lower than normal rainfall and higher than average temperatures. Much of insect and plant activity occurs as a response to three variables. These variables are… Read More →

2019 Calhoun County Sorghum Hybrid Trial Results

The Sorghum Hybrid Trial in Calhoun County was harvested on August 1 in Port Lavaca, TX. These tests should be used along with other similar tests from South Texas to help determine the what to plant next year. Below are the results of grain sorghum hybrid trials in Victoria and Refugio Counties.   Other hybrid test results from Texas A&M AgriLife can be found at: http://varietytesting.tamu.edu/.  

Sorghum IPM Meeting – July 9

Date: Tuesday, July 9 Time: 9 am Location: Sorghum Field near Port Lavaca on Gin Road, Just north of FM 2433 Topics: Crop development, Midge, Headworms, Stink Bugs and Sugarcane Aphids will be discussed CEUs: 1 hour CEU will be provided.

Sugarcane Aphids Above Threshold in Sorghum

While some sorghum fields in the Mid-Coast of Texas have already been harvested, the remaining fields should be inspected for Sugarcane Aphids (SCA). This week I have seen an increasing number of fields with treatable levels of aphids. Scout fields by walking at least 15-20 rows into the field and looking for honeydew on the plants. Two scouting methods can be followed depending on the threshold you plan on using. Once SCA are found in a field, use one of the following protocols to assess the need for… Read More →

Stink Bugs in Sorghum, Cotton and Soybeans

We have reached the time of the growing season when Stink Bugs are the primary pest in most of the row crops on the Texas coast. Sorghum maturity is from bloom to soft dough and will be susceptible to stink bugs until hard dough. Scout for stink bugs and headworms using a bucket to beat sorghum heads into until you have sampled 10.  Then stop and count the stink bugs and headworms in the bucket.  This should be done at 10-20 places per field and average the number of stink bugs… Read More →