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False Chinch Bugs in Grain Sorghum

Early last week, I received reports of false chinch bugs in sorghum fields around Corpus Christi. Several fields there were treated to prevent yield losses. Today, we found a field south of Victoria with alarming numbers of false chinch bugs in some of the sorghum heads. When you shake a sorghum head into the bucket and find 200+ bugs, it can be a bit concerning. After scouting around the field, I determined the field was averaging somewhere between  20 and 50 false chinch bugs per head.  It is… Read More →

Stink Bugs in Field Crops

The row crops in the Mid-Coast of Texas continues to progress at a normal rate. Cotton field maturity ranges from late squaring to the second week of bloom. Grain sorghum fields are from late bloom to near hard dough. And soybeans are blooming (R2), setting pods (R4) and filling pods (R5). In all of these crops, stink bugs are one of the primary insect pests of concern.  After bloom, cotton fields should be checked for stink bug management by opening 1-inch bolls and checking the inside for evidence… Read More →

Grain Sorghum Hybrid Trial Results

The results of the 2022 Calhoun and Victoria counties grain sorghum hybrid trials are as follows: Calhoun County Grain Sorghum Hybrid Trial Victoria County Grain Sorghum Hybrid Trial Soil Testing needs to be done prior to fertilizing for next year’s crop. Give me a call to discuss soil sampling to 24″ for residual nitrogen. We can do the sampling and send the samples to TAMU Soil Testing Lab. Stephen Biles 361-552-9747

Midge in Grain Sorghum

Grain sorghum fields range in maturity from nearing bloom to soft dough and all of these fields need to be scouted frequently. Blooming sorghum is susceptible to sorghum midge and field scouts are finding more midge in the fields this week. Scout sorghum fields 2-3 times per week until past bloom. Start by scouting fields on the south side (downwind) as the midge is a poor flyer and will be found on the field margins first. When you are finding them on field margins, move 150-200 feet into… Read More →

Stink Bugs in Grain Sorghum

The Stink Bug is a primary insect pest of grain sorghum from bloom until hard dough. The insect feeds directly on the seed, reducing seed weight and yield. The most common stink bug in grain sorghum of the Mid-Coast is the Rice Stink Bug. Scout sorghum after bloom using a small bucket and beat heads into the bucket and see what is being captured in the bucket. Look here for a brief video. Economic thresholds (ET) have been evaluated and can be determined using tables or equations, but this… Read More →