Cotton Update 6/24

Cotton fields of the Mid-Coast of Texas continue to fight drought stress. Most fields have 16-20 nodes and 2-6 nodes above white flower. Plants continue to shed small, 1-3 day old bolls. Many fields are wilting by noon. Plants in most fields average 6-10 bolls per plant.

Insect pests have been lighter this week after many fields were sprayed last week for stink bugs. We have been finding a lot of Verde Plant Bugs in the sorghum, so as these fields are harvested, they may migrate into adjacent cotton fields.  Keep an eye on the verdes and stink bugs for 18-20 days after 5 nodes above white flower.

Treatment threshold for Verde plant bugs is 25 bugs per 100 plants. Treat for stink bugs at 20 percent internal boll damage.

Verdes plant bugs are susceptible to the same insecticides as the cotton fleahopper, including pyrethroids.

Cotton Scouting Clinic – Monday, June 27
Time: 8:30 am.
Location: Cotton field on FM 1979, just SW of Sanders Rd.

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