Ag Pesticide Waste Collection Day – June 29

Link to Event Flyer.

How many of you have ag pesticides in your barns or garages that are old, outdated or unknown?  For years, farmers and ranchers in the area have had no true method for proper disposal of these products.  The only outlet for proper disposal in the past has been to haul the chemicals to approved Texas Commission on Environmental Quality locations at substantial cost to the producer.  Finally, we have a simple, no-cost, solution!  In partnership with the Texas Department of Agriculture, CleanEarth, US Ag Recycling, Victoria County, and Texas A&M Agrilife Extension, we are bringing farmers and ranchers an agricultural pesticide waste collection day.  The event will be held on Wednesday, June 29 at the Victoria County Precinct #4 yard located at 226 Beck Road East just outside of Inez.  The event will run promptly from 8AM – 12PM.  Participants will be able to dispose of their chemicals FREE OF CHARGE and will not have to leave their vehicles.


*Outdated, discontinued, or unwanted agricultural pesticides
*Growth Regulators
*Empty, triple-rinsed plastic pesticide containers (55 Gallon max)
*Empty or partial metal drums

Pesticides MUST BE KEPT in original containers even if label is NOT present
Unknown pesticides will be sampled and identified on site


*Explosive ordinances and ammunition
*Petroleum-based products
*Medical Waste
*Radioactive substances
*Household pesticides, chemicals, and waste
*Fertilizers propane, or butane cylinders
*Chlorinated hydrocarbons
*Fumigant canisters
*Used motor oil and other automobile fluids
*Auto batteries
*Empty totes
*Methyl-bromide cylinders
*Dioxins (2,4-5T, Silvex, TCDD, etc)

For additional information, contact the Victoria County Extension Office at 361-575-4581 or the Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA) Houston Regional Office at 713-921-8200, or TDA Austin Headquarters at 512-463-7622

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