Pasture & Nutrition Field Day – June 7

As we ease into summer (or maybe blast into summer), it’s important for ranchers to take care of their pastures and herds in the areas of weed control, parasite management, herd nutrition and more.  Margins in the beef cattle industry are becoming tighter with rising input costs.  Through the use of generous sponsors, Texas A&M Agrilife Extension offices of Victoria, Jackson, and Calhoun have partnered to bring you this field day free of charge.  The sponsors include Purina Animal Nutrition, Corteva AgriScience, Texas A&M Agrilife Extension and the Jackson County Cattle Raisers Association.

The field day will be held June 7th beginning at 5PM located at the Mitchell’s Ranch at 2880 County Road 429, Lolita, Texas.  The educational program will run from 5-7PM with dinner served after the program. One credit in the integrated pest management category for licensed pesticide applicators will be available.  In addition, multiple door prizes will be given out at the dinner.  This should be a fantastic opportunity for ranchers to learn more about nutrition and pasture management.  We hope to make this an annual event that is rotated among the three counties.  Victoria County is slated for next year’s field day.

Please RSVP prior to June 3rd t0:

  • Victoria County Extension office 361-575-4581
  • Jackson County Extension office 361-782-3312
  • Calhoun County Extension office 361-552-9747

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