My Recent Presentations/Interviews

Over the last couple of months, I’ve done a number of presentations and interviews on a number of different topics.  I hope that some of this content might be helpful for you and your operation.

Photo via D. Felger Photography

Key Laws for New Landowners (East Texas New Landowner Series)

A group of Extension agents in East Texas led by Kaycee Davis hosted an educational series for new landowners.  I was part of the program, speaking on key laws for new landowners.  In this 50-minute presentation, I covered the need for liability insurance, the existence of landowner liability protection statutes, tips for dealing with eminent domain, and the difference between open and closed range areas.  To view the presentation, click here.

Landowner Liability Protections (Texas Wildlife Association Annual Convention)

The Texas Wildlife Association hosted their annual convention online and made all of their content available to anyone…for free!  It is well worth your time to go visit their website and check out the variety of content they are offering.  My particular presentation focused on landowner liability protection for those landowners with various wildlife activities on the property.  To view the program, click here.

Ag Leases 101 (Capital Farm Credit Facebook Live)

I did my first Facebook Live last week for my friends at Capital Farm Credit.  Once we figured out the camera situation and got things correctly aligned, we were in good shape and had a great conversation about agricultural leases.  Click here to view the Facebook Live.

The Green Podcast (Texas Nursery & Landscape Association)

I was really excited when Ryan invited me to be on the TNLA podcast.  We talked about a variety of topics from WOTUS to liability for pesticide drift, landowner liability, and property rights. Click here to listen.

Dr. J’s Beef Podcast (Dr. Jaymelynn Farney, Kansas State University)

When a childhood friend reaches out about being on their show, yes is obviously the answer!  Dr. Farney and I have been friends for decades and I had a great time chatting with her about some of the biggest legal issues facing beef producers, including estate planning, leases, and landowner liability.   Click here to listen to the podcast episode.

Online Ranchers Leasing Workshop

Also, don’t forget about our Online Ranchers Leasing Workshop course.  This three-hour class is available to be taken online, at your own pace.  The content is identical to what we present at our live Ranchers Leasing Workshops, and we’ve gotten great feedback from participants.  To register or for more information, click here.

Ag Law in the Field Podcast 

Lastly, don’t forget the podcast that I host, Ag Law in the Field.  We release episodes every-other-Thursday where I interview an ag lawyer about various topics.  We’ve currently got 85 shows available covering everything from hunting leases to water law, conservation easements to eminent domain.  You can listen on your favorite podcast app or provider or by simply clicking here.

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