The Wharton County Parents & Adult Leaders Association offers scholarships each year to graduating seniors of Wharton County who are currently 4-H members.

Student Eligibility

  • Students must be an active member of the Wharton County 4-H program for the current year AND at least three of the previous years, for a minimum of four years of participation. The applicant must also have a current 4-H Online profile, and be in good standing with the Texas 4- H Youth Development Program at all levels (county, district, and state).
  • Be scheduled to graduate from a Wharton County High School (public, private, or home) during the 2022-2023 school year.
  • Have made formal application to enroll with the intent to attend an accredited College, Trade School, or University.
  • Students must be able to attend a scheduled interview.

CLICK HERE to download the 2022-2023 Wharton County 4-H Scholarship Form


For more information, please contact Laura Reyna at 979-532-3310 or



In 1985, the Wharton County Extension Education Association started decided in 1985 to show its support of the Wharton County 4-H Program by presenting a scholarship to an outstanding 4-H member. An additional scholarship was added in 1997 for high school seniors in the state of Texas whose mothers or grandmothers are active members of a Wharton County Extension Education club.


Wharton County EEA 4-H Scholarship. Applicants are judged on their 4-H participation, academic achievement, citizenship, leadership and experiences in school, church and community. Applicants must be senior high school students attending one of five county high schools or homeschooled in Wharton County. They must have been active members of 4-H for at least four years and must be in the top 50 percent of their graduating class at the beginning of the second semester of their senior year.



Wharton County Extension Education Association Scholarship. Scholarship opportunity for high school senior students registered and attending any school or homeschool in the state of Texas whose mother or grandmother is an active member of a Wharton County EEA club. Applicants must be senior high school students and in the top 50 percent of their graduating class at the beginning of the second semester of their senior year.



An applicant may apply for both the WCEEA scholarship and the WCEEA 4-H scholarship if they meet all the requirements. The applicant will only be awarded one scholarship.




This scholarship is for high school seniors who have been involved in 4-H for four years, have shown leadership and personal development, plan to get a college or vocational degree, and have not passed their 19th birthday by January 1 of the current application year. Applications are submitted to your county AgriLife Extension office.




Texas 4-H Youth Development Program Opportunity Scholarships are ACADEMIC SCHOLARSHIPS awarded each year to applicants based on their academic record, 4-H experience, and financial need (for scholarships for which it is a required criterion). The Texas 4-H Youth Development Opportunity Scholarship Program is conducted by the Texas 4-H Youth Development Foundation. All applications must be completed/submitted through 4-H CONNECT and meet all criteria to be considered. Well over 200 academically-competitive scholarships will be awarded in the 2019 Texas 4-H Scholarship Program ranging in amounts from $3000 to $20,000.*

There is a scholarship category for most everyone, including:

  • Baccalaureate Scholarship: For students interested in a four-year degree.
  • Technical Certification: For students interested in joining the workforce soon after finishing high school. Some 4-H approved examples are vocational nursing, veterinary technology, and electrical design technology. More 4-H approved vocational programs are listed on page 5 of the Opportunity Scholarship Application and Guideline page.
  • Courageous Heart: For students who continued school and 4-H during hardship.
  • Collegiate Scholarships: For former 4-H students currently attending a college or university. You will need at least 30 hours of college credit and a GPA of 2.7 to apply. For the first three scholarship types, you will follow the same application instructions and process. When you submit your application, 4-H will determine all of the scholarships that you are eligible for. The collegiate scholarship has its own application.


To access the Opportunity Scholarship application, deadlines, guidelines and forms, please visit




The Wharton County Area Go Texan will award scholarships to active 4-H and/or FFA members across Wharton County in special recognition for excellence in 4-H and/or FFA. Scholarships will be announced by May 15. The number of scholarships and amounts will be determined after scholarships are collected.  Any scholarship recipient MUST show proof of college/trades school enrollment prior to receiving funds.


If there are questions or assistance is needed in filling out these forms, please contact Kasey Felcman at 979-453-1440.

No Late Applications Will Be Accepted.




Texas Farm Bureau offers scholarships for enrolled college students and for high school students who have not yet graduated. For more information click here.




Texas Farm Credit offers two programs that recognize high school seniors who excel in the classroom and in their FFA chapters and 4-H clubs. For more information click here.




Youth Scholarships

Capital Farm Credit is committed to serving youth in agriculture by providing over $100,000 in scholarships to Texas high school seniors. Each branch office awards at least one $1,000 scholarship to graduating seniors who are seeking an agriculture-related degree.

Contact the Capital Farm Credit office closest to you to request an application. All applications must be submitted to the student’s local branch office.

Find your local office here.




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