Food Challenge

The Texas 4-H Food Challenge contest is one of the most popular contests in the 4-H program and this year it is getting a facelift!  Changes have been made to the contest for several reasons:

  • To reflect consistency with other state and national contests.
  • To reflect comments and suggestions from agents, 4-H members, and coaches.
  • To reflect easier to use resources for our youth.
  • To reflect the need to continuously evaluate the success of our programs!

This contest, modeled after such competitions as the Food Network’s “Iron Chef,” challenges teams of 4-H members to create a dish using only a predetermined number of ingredients. From these ingredients, team members must identify and prepare the dish, then make a presentation about it to the judges. The presentation will include information about the serving size, nutritional value, and cost of the dish. The 4-H Food Challenge allows 4-H members to demonstrate their culinary and food safety skills to judges and observers.

Each team will have at least three and no more than four members.



Contest Resources:

Contests resources have changed!  Resources which will now be used for the contest include the following:


Food Safety Fact Sheet

Know Your Nutrients


Food Challenge Explore Guide


Food & Nutrition


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