Dairy Judging

In dairy judging, youth evaluate classes of dairy cows and heifers and then defend their placings through oral reasoning. Youth learn the dairy cow unified scorecard and major breakdowns, anatomy of the dairy cow, along with dairy judging terminology.

If anyone is interested in dairy judging, please contact Laura Glaze at 979-541-6778 or email her at glazebackhoe@gmail.com. All registered 4-H members can be involved. Members do not have to show dairy cattle to participate in dairy judging. There will be an introductory meeting on Sunday, August 25. Mrs. Glaze will give details if you contact her. Contests judged include: Washington County Fair, Heart O’ Texas in Waco, State Fair in Dallas, Fort Worth, San Antonio and Houston Major Shows.

Texas 4-H does not coordinate a state level contest. The Texas 4-H utilizes the Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo Contest to determine national qualifying teams. The Texas 4-H Dairy Cattle Judging will be during the Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo. For senior 4-H teams, this contest will serve as the national 4-H qualifying event. However, there will NOT be a separately scored contest or awards presented by Texas 4-H. The team and individual rankings will be based upon the Fort Worth contest. The same team structure a county designates for the Fort Worth contest will be the same structure used in determining 4-H team qualifications for nationals.

Full rules and entry information will be posted Fall 2019 at https://fwssr.com

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