Adult Leader Awards

Every year at the Annual Awards Banquet awards are given to individuals nominated by 4-H members, clubs and/or leaders from Wharton County. Any 4-H member, leader or club may nominate for these awards.


Distinguished 4-H Adult Leader Award:

Nominees are judged on their leadership contribution to the 4-H program as a whole, as well as to the success of the club in which he/she is a leader. Leadership participation in non-4-H activities such as civic, youth, public, church and school activities will also be taken into consideration. One leader will be selected each year and will receive recognition at the 4-H Awards Banquet.

4-H Alumni Award:

The Alumni Award is given to individuals who have completed a highly successful 4-H career, who have distinguished themselves in service to others and have continued to help with the 4-H program, and have specified the amount of years as a former 4-Her. A maximum of one (1) alumnus will be selected.

Wharton County Friend of 4-H Awards:

The Wharton Co. 4-H Friend of 4-H Award is presented to an individual or organization that has contributed  time, money and effort to 4-H club work in Wharton County. This award is not for adult leaders or employees of the County Extension Service. The number of recipients of this award varies each year depending on the applications.


An anonymous panel of judges will review all applications. Award recipients will be recognized at our Annual Awards Banquet..


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