Adult Leaders

Adult Volunteers, Club Leaders and parents are a valued and essential part of the 4-H program and have a profound impact on the life trajectory of 4-H members.Adult Volunteers serve in a variety of roles in a 4-H club:

  • 4-H Community Club Leader – Provides administrative support for the 4-H clubs.
  • Project or program volunteers – Have expertise in particular areas which they teach to participants, parents/guardians, or special interest groups.
  • Activity or event volunteers – Provide leadership within a specific, short-term project or activity. These activity volunteers work with 4-H members to make preparations for the activity, obtain relevant literature and distribute it to adult and youth participants, and coordinate the activity or community event.
  • Resource and key volunteers – Have expertise in club organization, planning and conducting activities, or specialized subjects relating to projects.
  • Other volunteer roles – Help with transportation, management, or recruitment. Adult volunteers may also serve on county and state level 4-H committees.


The Role of Parents

Parents and adult volunteers helping in the 4-H Youth Development Program are encouraged to be respectful of the club’s youth and adult leaders. The club’s youth members should make the club’s decisions. Adult leaders should serve as advisors, project leaders, resource providers, and youth coaches.

Parents are encouraged to attend meetings and participate in club activities and events. Adults should also support their child’s efforts by providing resources and supplies for projects, encouraging youth leadership, and, if necessary, facilitating the planning process

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