4-H Talent Showcase

In theater and performance arts, 4-H members may participate in skits through acting, or showcase other talents such as vocal performance, play an instrument, dance, read poetry, conduct puppetry…and more! The best part of the program is the chance to have FUN and getting to share that excitement with others!

Through theater and performance arts, 4-H members will develop a spirit of cooperation, develop self-confidence through public performance, discover and develop their talents, and grow socially, culturally, and develop their leadership skills. But most importantly, theater and performance arts is about HAVING FUN!

The Texas 4-H Talent Showcase contest (formerly Share-the-Fun) has seven categories:

  • 4-H Skit
  • Choreographed Routines
  • Variety Show
  • Musical/Instrumental
  • Poetry/Prose
  • Solo/Band Performance
  • Vocal


Contest Resources

Texas 4-H Theater Explore Guide

Theater & Performance Arts

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