The Wharton County 4-H Awards Program is designed to recognize the accomplishments of 4-H members for their project work, leadership skills, personal growth and development, and participation in various 4-H sponsored activities. Award and recognition programs inspire and motivate 4-Hers through the learn by doing process.

The Wharton County 4-H Awards Program is coordinated in conjunction with the Texas 4-H Awards Program and the National 4-H Awards Program. All three groups (county, state and national) provide donors or funds for various scholarships, trips, medals and other awards. Wharton County 4-H Parent and Adult Leaders Association oversees the awards and reserve the right to solicit nominations for any award in which there is a lack of nominations on the due date. All of these awards are due in early June of each year.

The following basic skill objectives apply to all of the 4-H Award Programs:

  1. Develop leadership skills, build character and assume citizenship responsibilities.
  2. Explore career, job and productive leisure opportunities.
  3. Develop skills, knowledge and attitudes for life-long use.
  4. Learn to use accepted practices for mental, physical and emotional health and to respect yourself and others
  5. Share knowledge gained with others.


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