Eminent Domain in Texas: A Landowner’s Guide

Eminent domain is one of the most controversial issues facing Texas landowners.  The key to protecting one’s property is to understand a landowner’s rights, to be familiar with the condemnation process, and to know what steps to take when facing a taking of private property.

In order to help educate landowners, I am thrilled to announce my latest handbook, Eminent Domain in Texas: A Landowner’s Guide, is now available.  It is my hope that this handbook will help educate and empower landowners to make the best decisions they can when facing condemnation.

To download your free PDF of the handbook, click here.  If you are interested in obtaining a hard copy, please contact your local Texas Farm Bureau office for more information.

I want to thank Texas Farm Bureau for bringing the idea for this handbook to me and for sponsoring this project.

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