October 4, 2019 Weekly Round Up

Happy October!  It finally feels like fall in the Texas Panhandle and I’m sure enjoying it.  Here are a few ag law stories that have been in the news over the past couple of weeks.

* Elder law podcast is a must listen.  I don’t usually share my own podcast episodes in the Weekly Round Up, but the interview I posted this week with elder law attorney, Kristen Porter, is one that I really think is so important, especially for farm and ranch families.  Kristen talked us through everything from key estate planning documents to alternative ways to pay for long-term care to the rules regarding Medicaid qualification and various options for transferring property if necessary.  You can find us on iTunes or your podcast app, or you can listen by clicking here.

Photo by Cristian Newman via Unsplash

*States sue over modifications to Endangered Species Act.  The attorney generals of seventeen states have filed suit challenging the recent amendments to the Endangered Species Act, which we discussed here.  [Read Complaint here.]

*San Augustin Plains appeals decision denying water permit.  Back in my home state of New Mexico, there is more action in a water permit application that we’ve been following for years.  You may remember recently that a trial court judge upheld the NM State Engineer’s denial of the San Augustin Plains’ permit request to pump groundwater from rural New Mexico and transport it to more metropolitan areas.   Now, the applicant has appealed this decision. [Read blog post here.]


Upcoming Presentations

Next week, I’ll be kicking things off on Monday by presenting via internet at the 2019 Range Clinic and Tour in Atascosa County.  I’ll be talking fence law and ag leases.  For more info, contact the Atascosa County Extension Office.

Then, I’m headed to Brenham to present on landowner liability at the Landowner Summit.  For more info, click here.

Finally, on Friday I’ll be in College Station for our last Ranchers Leasing Workshop of 2019. Dr. Greg Kaase and I will be talking all things ag leases on Friday from noon to 4:30 at the Equine Center in College Station.  You can register online by clicking here.  Ag Workers Insurance is sponsoring lunch.

As always, to see all of my upcoming presentations, click here.

Ranchers Leasing Workshop is now available on demand to be taken anytime at your own pace. To register click here.


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