New Fact Sheets

My student assistant, Karli Kaase, and I have recently published three fact sheets featuring information on which we frequently get questions from landowners.  All are available to download for free.

Easements 101

What is an easement?  What different types of easements exist?  What does the law require to recognize various types of easements?  We cover all of these questions and more in our “Easements 101” fact sheet.  Click here to download.

Getting End-of-Life Documents in Order

Although no one enjoys thinking about death, there are some basic end-of-life documents that every adult should have in place to save their family headache, disagreements, and money down the road.  This fact sheet walks through each document offering an explanation of why it matters.  Click here to download.

Custom Harvest Agreement Checklist

One question we found a lot of beef producers had about direct sales was what documentation they should use when selling a calf for custom exempt harvesting.  We created this checklist to help producers prepare this type of agreement.  Click here to download.

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