July 12, 2019 Weekly Round Up

Happy Friday!  Here are some of the ag law stories in the news recently.

*Texas Supreme Court grants petition for review in Garcia v. Pruski.  As you may recall from this prior post, the San Antonio Court of Appeals issued a ruling in a fence law case involving a bull out on a State Highway in Wilson County, which has a local stock law.  The appellate court found that both the “knowingly permit” standard applicable to state and US highways and the “permit” standard applicable in Wilson County pursuant to the local stock law applied in this case.  In applying those standards, the court dismissed the plaintiff’s claim that the bull owner “knowingly permitted” the bull to run at large, but found there sufficient evidence to allow the case to go forward on the question of whether the owner “permitted” the bull to run at large.  This case has the potential to have a major impact on Texas fence law and liability for livestock owners and is one we will absolutely keep an eye on for you.

*Augustin Plains Ranch water permit back in NM court.  In a dispute we’ve been watching for years, landowners from the Augustin Plains Ranch were back in court seeking review of their permit to pump water from beneath their rural New Mexico property and sell it to unidentified purchasers in more urban areas.  The NM State Engineer has, again, denied the Augustin Plains Ranch permit to do so, but that decision has now been appealed to the trial court.  [Read article here.]

*Mississippi sued over meat labeling law.  A vegan food company and the Plant Based Foods Association has filed suit against Mississippi challenging a new state law that prohibits using the term “meat” to describe plant-based food products.  The lawsuit claims the Mississippi law violates the plaintiffs’ freedom of speech.  Several other states have passed similar laws. [Read article here.]

*Registration for American Ag Law Association Annual Conference up and running!  If you’re interested in agricultural law or just want to hang out with some really fun people who are, you need to be in Washington, DC this November four our 40th Annual American Ag Law Association Conference!  Click here for more info.


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